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Cansoft is also a software company in Montreal that focus on your software engineering needs. Our software developers are there to evaluate your software needs.

The Cansoft quality in Montreal

Software engineering is of the utmost importance because each industry, even each business needs to develop specific software to fulfill their needs. A good software company in Montreal like Cansoft, will also be there to fix your software quickly and efficiently if anything happens. 

Throughout the years, the need for quality in software development has pushed our software development team to better themselves through constant learning. It is an evolving industry and we, at Cansoft Technologies, pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve.



What is software development?

Software development in its most basic sense is the operation of creating and maintaining the source code. Of course, it’s not that simple. Our software engineering team does everything starting from scratch to a final version of the software. 

Our software developer’s job is a complete process involving a lot of different steps, including but not restricted to this list :


  • Conceiving the software
  • Specifying 
  • Designing 
  • Programming
  • Documenting
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • Maintenance
  • Framework 

At Cansoft Technologies, we have hand picked our software engineering expert team that will work around the clock to suit your need. But why do you need a software?  

Why develop a Software with Cansoft ?

Softwares are developed by our team for a multitude of reasons, but mostly for two main reasons. Either to meet your specific needs, our software developers will then build a custom software for you that will suit your needs. Every industry is different and we are able to help you become unique.  

The other main reason would be to meet a perceived need, for example a new payment method on your website or any commercial application for your new software that could help you facilitate transactions and communication between you and your client. 


Cansoft is a software company in Montreal that specialize in software development, web applications, website design, mobile application development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, social media marketing, and social media services. 

We have a large diversified team and each member has his speciality. 

We believe that teamwork is important between our groups of designers, writers, coders, testers and IT team. Our team members understand and work on a daily basis with Visual Basic, Java Script, C++ and Python. We combine the strengths of many individuals to make a unique and performance driven product. It is easy to get lost in all that information, but at Cansoft, we are also recognised for our excellent customer service. We will take the time to sit with you and evaluate your needs before starting any project. It’s time for you to get a taste of the art of technologies. 

If you have any questions about software development or if you want our team of software developers to take a look at your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. Cansoft is a software company in Montreal that will exceed your expectations due to the experience and the passion for software engineering that our team has. Don’t lose any more time and write us a detailed description of your project so we can contact you as soon as possible.