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What we do to Design a Great Website in Vancouver for You

What Does Great Web Design for a Vancouver business Look Like?

If you are interested for Web Design in Vancouver for your business you have to know that Web design is how you format and design your business’s webpage. The better question, is why is it important? This is because poorly designed web pages will have your potential customers leave the website in a heartbeat. The internet is jam packed with websites, so if yours is not user friendly, people tend to just move on. You can also assume that if people are leaving your website, they’re not coming into your store. Luckily, there are things you can focus on and do in order to optimize your website!

We Keep it Simple

It is much better to have too little than too much for designing business website in Vancouver. If something doesn’t necessarily work, cut it. People leave web pages when they get frustrated with operating them, so it’s important to avoid this at all costs. Ensure that your webpage is easy to read and has a call to action within the first screen, so people will know what your site is about. The 57% of viewers leave a site after the fold, so ensure that you have your important information first.

We Have Pleasing Designs

Contrary to other Website Design companies in Vancouver, we also ensure that your webpage is pleasant to look at, no one wants to look at a webpage that appears to be designed in the 90’s. You want your design to also be consistent. Don’t have different colours on each page, ensure it’s all the same design/format, it will be easier for you and your viewers eyes. A study was done showing that images of people looking at things you want viewers to look at actually draw your viewers towards the text. Another super simple thing you can do it just to have a simple arrow pointing towards simple text. People in Vancouver have a great taste for Web Design. Pick a colour palette that is not too demanding for eyes; such as really bright, demanding colours. 3-4 colours for a website is perfect as it is appealing but not overwhelming. Also, be sure to utilize white space for easier readability.

We Ensure a Fast Load Speed

The internet has provided a sense of instantaneousness that leaves users relatively impatient. This includes your page speed. If you are looking at a website from Vancouver or not, If your page takes five minutes to load, I can almost guarantee that your customers have already found what they’re looking for by the time your page has loaded. Because users care about load speed, so does Google (and other search engines) and they factor pagespeed into your page rankings. This makes sense when you think about it, because why should you have a high-ranking page if it takes forever to load?

We Provide Easy Readability

It’s also crucial that your page is easy to read. Ensure you have clear and concise headers for users in Vancouver to easily skim your page. Have relevant pictures to go along with your text, as it helps readers skim. Ensure that your page isn’t written so only a scholar could understand, keep your language simple and your sentences simple and to-the-point. Also, avoid typos and grammatical errors by proof reading your page, or getting someone else to read through it.

Website Development in Vancouver

We home this short guide has helped you design a fantastic web page. If you keep these three main things in mind, your website should be great! However, for some– lots– this is not quite enough, there’s lots more to keep in mind. Lucky for you, Cansoft is an amazing SEO and web design company in Vancouver. Our goal is to make your brand better, and a website is a fantastic starting point, contact us to see what services you could benefit from.
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