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Your Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver

Does your online campaign and promotion need a media and advertising agency? Then You are at the right place: Cansoft Technologies is a digital marketing agency that can help you reach all your online objectives. 

If you wish to see progress in your marketing goals, you need to have a genuine brand involvement and build a loyal follow-up.

The modern marketing boundary is incorporated, and we are at a crossroads.

Our Digital Marketing Team in Vancouver

Our expertise includes the design and development of effective digital marketing campaigns and activation of social media, coupled with the designing and development of entertaining and compelling material for your brand, vision and business.

But the most important thing you need nowadays in a marketing campaign is a creative partner with your vision and objectives. We’re a small regional marketing agency, and we don’t have shareholders or stock prices to feel nervous about – we can make the decision we know that is good for you, our community members and our people on a long-term basis.

We want to help you participate in your advertising, brand and business smartly and effectively. We do not believe that you always need a budget of several million dollars to do something right, marketing is about investing in the right place!

Who is Cansoft Technologies?

Today, the business world has a puzzle that leads to a synergist outcome in one piece of the unknown. Our Vancouver digital marketing agency has been built on the same philosophy as a trustworthy partner of leading companies and has assured reciprocal results on both sides.

We work with companies to create a harmonious brand by marketing as their trusted partners. Customers purchase from businesses that they know and trust, and we help you make your business trustworthy and confident.

We concentrate on online marketing as a field and cover all the things that a company needs to improve its online presence.

We will assist you with your online marketing regardless of whether you are a small business or a large chain because we love our work, which shows results.

In as fast as two weeks, we can increase your visibility and carry new leads and sales to you because we have been on the market for years. That means we know one thing or two about SEO.

We are growing, and we are proud to share with you no matter where you are. We can surely help you, including standards emerging in the ever-changing world of online marketing with different North American locations.

What Makes Our Digital Marketing Agency Different?

Not only because of our combined knowledge, training and skills, but also due to the diversity that we have created in our Digital Marketing Agency. The team from different regions and countries is made up of website developers, designers, social media strategists, email marketers, branding experts and mobile app developers,  to name just a few.

Like any company, our strength is in our employees and being so diverse brings all kinds of visions to what we do. We are consciously (and continually) building teams, together with the current system, that challenge each other.

Inclusion is the key to us in making fair use of our differences in learning what is unknown, in finding universal truths, in developing visual languages and in developing marketing programmes so significant as to engage consumers immediately.


Cansoft Team Values

You’ve got to share a message. We can get it out there. Cansoft creates unique marketing content and advertising campaigns that always make sure that the right information is delivered to the right people.

We are a professional and creative advertising and content marketing agency based in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

We are constantly learning about our customers and their industry, so you can tap into knowledge, expertise, ideas, opinions and minds which are connected to your world, and also to a much larger field in which we try out and experiment.


Always learn and grow

Digital marketing is a continually changing area. We have a strong desire to learn extra as well to be our best.


Have an absolute passion for helping others

We never settle for “Good Enough” because Your success is our success. So we are keen to give our customers the most significant possible value. “Good enough” is never enough.


Build open and honest relationships

Every great team is built on mutual respect and trust. We only recruit team members who incorporate these features and first place our customers’ needs.


Be yourself, but bring your best

And then, we motivate everyone to operate every day with their best quality self to help us identify new, innovative solutions with their unique perspective.


Our Digital Marketing Services

We build scalable network campaigns. We are a trusted and unique digital partner for e-commerce retailers and brands, from advanced monitoring and targeting to measure critical success metrics.


Get your Website highly rated on Search Results and bring traffic to your website massively. We are incorporating an SEO approach with multiple facets of Omni that increases traffic to your website. Our advanced tools work together to improve your rankings and daily site visitors. 

By operating from the ground to our complete SEO process, thanks to techniques and tactics (all white hat), you will have visitors and targeted traffic that turn into customers.

Web Design and Development

A website needs knowledge, resources, and expertise. In this half-second opportunity, you will first make an impact on your customers by transforming visitors into consumers — 96% of all customers investigate companies on the internet before making a buying decision. The development of a site that fascinates, informs, educates, and ultimately convinces your clients to select your company for replacement will impact your company, creating either huge successes or failures.

Time for analysis, design, content creation and navigation, All the prerequisites for a profitable company are in an engaging Website. We operate locally and internationally and serve Vancouver, Montreal, Regina, Calgary, Toronto, Auckland, LA and Seattle as a proud Canadian business. We have helped companies and organizations to create a harmonious and results-driven brand at Cansoft (Digital Marketing Company). Let us look after the information while you concentrate on your core business! Start today! Start now!

Social Media Marketing

SMM stands for social media marketing, and as an outstanding social media marketing firm, we know how to coordinate the SMM campaign to win. In other words, it is a different type of web marketing; as a means of promoting a company website, it uses all the benefits of social networking sites. 

We create branded and optimized social media accounts that will stimulate and involve your public. We carry out laser-specific campaigns for conversion to your platform.

Content Development

As your design is essential to your brand image, your customers’ information, training, and persuasion are crucial for your message and USP or unique sales proposal. Customers purchase from those they trust entirely that having a clearly defined message and consistent branding across all of your marketing material can place your firm ahead of your competition in the minds of your customers. We have helped small and large businesses build a harmonious, successful brand. By creating content, we will make your brand; we can create a campaign that delivers results. Let us look after the information while you concentrate on your core business!

Website Analytics & Reporting

Web Analytics enables business managers to understand the advertising campaign returns better and measure success accurately.


Social analytics

As all networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made the web a social networking medium, Google Analytics allows us to measure the success of your marketing strategies for social media. We examine how users interact with your blog and social platform features and try to get your clients engaged online.

Advertising analytics

We can refine the marketing strategy through advertisement studies by observing how social mobile, search and display ads are working and failing. We can connect your website activities to your marketing campaigns so that your advertisement success can be easily detected.

Content analytics

We try to determine the elements of your Website function best, which pages are most common and where changes can be taken into account to allow better use of content reports by customers.

Why Cansoft?

Our primary objective at Cansoft digital marketing is to satisfy our clients’ needs and ensure that we succeed online, and we don’t stop until we meet those objectives. We always give priority to our client’s overwhelming feedback, whether it is an SEO, local SEO, or paid advertising.

This is why when we talk about outcomes, we’re proud to provide you with the feeling that you’re a member of our team since your ideas and opinions will still be part of our Strategy. No matter what the project’s complexity, we are thriving on delivery on time.

Our digital marketing agency in Vancouver can also run an extensive campaign to manage your social media and online advertising. You can still benefit from being the first company to appear in your industry, despite its experience. If you decide to follow the SEO route, it takes a while to get success rates, but it is undoubtedly worth it when you start to get organic leads.

You must, therefore, be ready to invest long-term to achieve long-term results. However, we can also set up an on-going pay-per-click campaign to make your phone ring in a few days when it is urgent to acquire customers.

Our Process

  1. Build
  • Assess digital presence & landscape
  • Build a strategic channel plan & ad creative to reach them
  • Define the audience, message, offer
  • Get clear on metrics & KPIs
  • Identify opportunities that align with goals
  • Research keyword data & competitors
  • Setup end-to-end tracking with a custom dashboard


  1. Optimize
  • Continually optimize messaging, creative & targeting
  • Define growth opportunities based on data
  • Discuss insights to build smarter strategies
  • Implement the strategic plan
  • Review data, document insights & test again
  1. Scale
  • Continuously improve the Strategy
  • Find other areas in the marketing funnel to improve our efforts further
  • Find sources of truth for scaling campaigns
  • Go big on proven opportunities
  • Leverage technology to do heavy lifting
  • Rake in more sales and leads

What You Get From Our Marketing Team

Cansoft is a Vancouver digital marketing and advertising media service intending to produce the best. By offering them a competitive advantage, we will make businesses even better.


We are not digital robots; we are human. Have you got any Questions? Will you need assistance? Take the phone and call us. Here we are, and we are real.


There are no hidden and extra fees or costs. Ever.


We do what we say we will do. On-time. Every time.


We fully understand your return on investment for your own account manager’s extremely comprehensive monthly reporting that will treat your business like it is our company.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you whether you are dreaming about a future website, looking for a new approach to previously completed work, or just wondering about what we do.

Call us to start the conversation or fill in the contact form.