Blog Posting

Blog posting is keeping an online journal to inform other people about various stuff related to your industry.  People often keep blogs on different social media platforms and on their websites. The most important reason for keeping a blog is that it helps to improve the SEO strategy of your website. SEO involves many steps to optimize your content and to increase the organic traffic of your website. Most websites keep their blog to increase traffic and improve their SEO score.

Keeping a regular blog section on a website increase both the quality and quantity of traffic on a business website.

Why Blog Posting Will Help Your SEO

If you have a business or E-commerce website, then you must keep a blog on your site. Blogs can increase the organic search. Each time you post a blog, you create a unique URL to your website. URL helps your website to appears in google search.

Choosing Topics

Blogging takes time to help you with your SEO. If you want to keep a blog, determine the related topic, and then do proper keyword research. Regularly post content and optimize your blog. Always choose topics that earn you a high ranking on search engines.

Post Blogs


The next reason why blog posting will help you with SEO is it incorporates backlinking. Backlinking works in two ways first, it creates a new webpage for websites and then helps search engines rank these links in a searcher result. In this way, the SEO of your website improves.


Blogs help you get traffic from social media websites as well. You can connect your blog with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Use search terms and meta descriptions in your blogs, and your blog can help you with SEO.

If you know about SEO, then you are also familiar with the word keywords. Blogs make the keywords research easy for people. Insert proper keywords in your blog and the chances of your blog appearing in search engines also increase.

Connect With Your Audience

Blogs help you to connect with your audience regularly. Blogging increases the trust of customers and readers, which increases traffic to your website. It is important to adapt your blog to your clients, either by the level of language, the language you speak in (ex: Both English and French blog in the Province of Quebec) and to talk about something that will catch the attention of the reader.

After keeping a blog on your website, share it with maximum people and on different platforms. If your blogs are frequently clicked on, then they move up in search engines result. The only way your blog will help with SEO is if you create unique content and insert proper keywords.

Blog Posting

Be Relevant

Another reason is blog can keep people on your website for a long time. If you provide the relevant information on your blog that the reader wants, they will stay longer on your website. Google then gets a hint that this website is useful, and more people visit this website, which helps the SEO of your website.

It Takes Time

Keeping a blog is easy but regularly updating and provide fresh content takes time. If you want to rank your website in Google results, you keep a blog with relevant information. Blogging helps in the SEO of the website and generates more traffic.