Did you know?

1. Google processes about 40,000 search queries every second and people send 205 billion emails every day.
Total email every day, month and year
2. China has treatment camps for internet addicts.
treatment for internet addiction
3. With a 32% increase in rate about 30,000 websites are hacked every day.
website hacking
4. Jack Dorsey tweeted for the first time on twitter in 2006- “just setting up my twttr” which is retweeted over 100 thousands times already.
1st tweet
5. Bangladeshi descent Internet entrepreneur, co-founder of YouTube, Jawed Karim uploaded the first video on youtube which is watched more than 41 million times. 
6. Did you know that the world’s first website is still alive? And it look likes below:
world's first web design
7. As of today Internet is 10,390 days old.
8. Have you seen the  first photo ever uploaded on Internet?
Internet first photo
9. Have you heard about surface web, deep web and dark web?
dark web
10. In 2010, access to broadband Internet (1 mbps) is a legal right in Finland.
Bonus fact: symbolics.com was the first domain name to be registered on 15th March, 1985. 
first domain name


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