New Google Feature for News

Google is now introducing a new way to get your news directly on your phone. The concept is not new but the way they did it is amazing. You will now be able to listen to quick, single topic news with the Google Assistant. As usual, they found a way to impress us with a new feature.

The main idea behind that innovation is to offer to the users a new way to replay short radio broadcast and long shows. It targets mainly an audience that is interested in quick hit reports and it is available for all of their users.

News Providers

The users are going to be able to listen to different news from different sources like Wired, Usa Today, NPR, ABC and many others in a tailored unique feed for each users.  Google says it’s going to be a “smarter way” to listen to your news feed. The app will be available on the Google assistant app for iOS users or on any Android phone. You will be able to select your favorite news providers and Google will also make suggestions of news providers.

News feature Google

Activate the Feature

To activate the new feature of the app, the users will have to say “Hey, Google, play me the news,” and the app will play you a tailored “ranked news playlist” based on your location, your preferences and interests. The difference between this new feature and the old one is that you don’t have to pre-select all your news providers in advance, which will allow you to discover new ones. They will analyse your behaviour on the app to be able to suit it to your interest, if you always skip news from a provider, it will most likely not show up anymore on your feed. The average listening time per news will be somewhere between two and four minutes. 

Privacy Concerns

For those who are concerned with privacy settings, Google will allow you to access this feature without tracking your behavior. It will let you receive the news orally without adapting to your interests. Basically, you will be able to use the app in “incognito mode” and keep you personal information safe.

Google news feature

Google Partners

As Google Partners, at Cansoft, we are always looking for Google new update or feature to be ahead of the curve for our clients. This new feature does not affect our day to day work but we thought it was worth sharing with you because in the end, our team members at Cansoft are big Google fan.