What exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) can be concisely described as a series of recurring tactics to improve a companies website ranking, brand reputation and organic traffic. This process is mainly aimed at unpaid, organic traffic due to the fact that this target audience is considered as  generally more efficient than that of the paid per click audience. In order to optimize your online presence Seattle, Cansoft Technologies has spent years studying the thousands of different variables that affect your online ranking in order to provide all clients with the best SEO results.


Making changes to the design and content material of your website can be considered the first of many steps in order to improve your websites relationship with search engines like google and yahoo. There are a tremendous number of factors that will have an effect on your websites positioning and these factors alternate every day. In order to stay a step ahead of competitors Search Engine Optimization is generally a greater lifetime solution than paid ads.

What you need to know about Seattle Search Engine Optimization Companies?

Many businesses find themselves skeptical of Search Engine Optimization for a couple of reasons. First off, many SEO companies are unable to follow through with their claims. Most SEO companies claim that they are able to get your company on to the first page, this is not the case. However, there is an easy way to figure out if the company is being truthful. If you type SEO Seattle or Search Engine Optimization Seattle into your search engine, the first companies to appear after the ad section are the companies you want to narrow your search towards.
seo optimization

Does you SEO company understand your brand? 

The second key factor that determines if an SEO company is the right fit for you, does not have anything to do with ranking or any kind of tech at all. It is simply about the companies understanding of your current situation, future goals and brand identity. In order for a company to create the right content for your business, they must have a good grasp on the online personality you are trying to create. A good method for finding the solution to this factor would be to set up a meeting. During this meeting, keep track of how much research they have done on your company. Do they have possible keywords ready? Have they found any problems with your current site or marketing strategies? Do they have solutions to these problems? And finally, how curious are they about your future plans and current standings? All of these questions are extremely important to keep in mind, red flags should be raised if any of the previous are missed.   

Fluctuating in Google ratings

The scores on Google change constantly for a variety of reasons, in order to maintain a high ranking your SEO company must be continuously learning and adapting to these changes. There are several reasons why your ranking would possibly differ, it may be as simple as an update from Google or a modification in their set of yearly rules. It also can be explained by means of a new competitor joining the market and recent hype has helped them gain traffic.


As you can see there are many reasons as to why your ranking my fluctuate. This is no reason to worry, simple adjustments can be made to regain your ranking. However, a con with many Seattle SEO companies is that when a fluctuation occurs. They do not have the knowledge or consistency needed, to solve the problem efficiently. Deriving the answer to this factor is a little trickier, nonetheless, there are methods to get a general idea on the company’s consistency habits. Are they communicating with you on a monthly basis? Did they inform you on what a general month looks like?