Rank Youtube VIdeos With SEO

Using SEO techniques to rank YouTube videos is still a relatively unknown practice. Here’s how a New York SEO company can help. YouTube is a social media type platform that allows users to post custom length videos on really any subject. One article from Forbes states that more than a billion hours a spent on the video streaming service every day, worldwide. That is more than both Netflix and Facebook video view hours combined.

Clearly, this social media giant is a great way to advertise your business, with that many people viewing each day. But, how do you get views on a YouTube video? How does the algorithm work to push videos to the recommended, or even the trending, pages?


Just like on Google, YouTube SEO NYC works with keywords. Generate a big list of potential keywords that relate to your business. One of the best ways to find the popular keywords is the Search Suggest feature right on the website. All you need to do is go over to YouTube and pop in a word, or phrase, and YouTube will give you a tonne of keywords related to what you typed in. These terms are ones that people have actually typed into YouTube, so there’s no need to wonder if they’re popular or not. If YouTube suggests it to you, they 100% are. Another way to find good keywords to rank your Youtube videos is to find a popular video that is within your niche, and see what the keywords are for that. Do this by looking at what keywords are used in the title, description, and video tags.

Choose the Best Keyword to Rank Youtube Videos

Now that you’ve generated a list of keywords, your next step to Rank Youtube videos. Choose an easy keyword that has a lot of volumes. Low competition keywords are best if you are just starting, using a keyword right off the bat with high competition is going to lead to your video getting lost. Search your keyword in Google, and check the about results to make sure that you Rank Youtube videos.

So, if your keyword is New York SEO Company, you’d search “New York SEO Company site: youtube*” to get the YouTube results. The about section shows how many videos are on YouTube with that keyword, each industry is different for the best number to have, but focusing on the lowest competition keyword that relates to your business and video is best.

Lastly, Search Keyword on Google

Most views on YouTube come from within YouTube’s platform. But your video can get 2 to 5x more views if you can also get it to rank on Google. The trick to this is optimizing your videos around keywords that already have video results on Google. In general, Google tends to use video results for the following keywords,

  1. How to keywords
  2. Reviews
  3. Tutorials
  4. Anything fitness or sports-related
  5. And funny videos

Knowing this can help prevent you from optimizing your video around a keyword that doesn’t have any video results in Google, and in that case, you’ll only get traffic from people searching on YouTube. If you optimize for a video keyword, you’ll also get targeted traffic to your video directly from Google’s first page. To do this, simply search your chosen keyword and see if video results come up. Rank Youtube videos and get view, Simple as that.

In Conclusion

YouTube SEO can be challenging, and these steps are only the beginning. Recruiting a New York SEO company can really help you have that leg up.