Digital marketingHow to choose the Marketing Firm for you.

Typically, businesses spend anywhere between 5 to 20% of their annual revenue. Whether, they are doing marketing with a marketing firm, sales team cost, or in house. That’s all the important investment for any business. Ensure to select the right one for your business if you are considering using a market agency.

Let’s discuss the top 5 business marketing firms. 

  • Major Tom

It’s a full-service digital agency whose main aim is to help the organizations grow and build up in a highly complex landscape. The industry-leading specialist of Major Tom has been chosen from worldwide. They have been serving the business from their office in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York since 2000. 

  • Mind Meld PR Inc

Mind Meld PR Inc helps to get the media coverage that the Tech companies want. You have to think like a reporter to get the best outcomes in media relations. This is the reason that the Mind Meld PR Inc specifically hires ex-journalists. Their approach of strategic outreach, media targeting, and creative storytelling get the results. You can get big ideas from their thought leadership ghostwriters. 

  • Modern Craft

SMMThe consultancy of Modern Craft assists the different organizations to supercharge their marketing operations. The headquarters of Modern Craft is located in Vancouver and they also serve clients across Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and North America. 

  • Yulu Public Relations Inc. 

The mission of the Yulu Public Relations Inc is to champion social innovation by telling and sharing the stories that really matter. The motto of this firm is simple: doing great by doing simple. They see the socially innovative organizations beyond the bottom line and also think behind the status quo. 

  • Bowery Creative

Bowery creative is a digital marketing agency that is based in Vancouver. They plan, produce and promote the businesses of clients online. They offer web design, SEO, advertising, and digital marketing services. 

5 tips to choose the right Marketing firms in Vancouver

  • Specialism 

Different marketing firms are specialized in different areas of marketing. So, choose the one that is related to your business. 

  • Sector experience

It is not important that the marketing firm you choose should have a specific experience in your sector. But they need to adapt to different industries and businesses that is a key skill of any marketing firm. 

  • Cultural fitMarketing

A wacky creative agency should not be your choice as the marketing is not all about it. No doubt that creativity has significant importance but ensure that the firm should be able to understand the goals and expectations of your business. One of the other considerations is the size of an agency. You will find yourself at the bottom of the priority list if you choose to work with big agencies and you have a small to medium business. 

  • Track Record

You can track their records by having a look at their previous campaigns. You can request them to meet with their previous clients. In this way, you can ask them how the firm works and understand them well in their own words. 

  • Commercial terms

Different marketing firms have different ways of payment. Generally, agencies work with options such as a monthly retainer, per hour and per project. Payments differ from one firm to another. Compare the payment of the marketing firm before choosing the best ones.