How can Online Reputation Management Help your Business?

Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks you up online. The person, or company, handing your online reputation will prevent things such as negative Google results/reviews, risky social media posts, and images from popping up when your name, or company name, is searched. They will also help you promote positive content that helps you look great online. Why does this matter to your business?


How you look online directly impacts you. Negative items showing up online can damage your career, there are 4 main reasons why this happens, and 4 reasons why online reputation management matters.

1.    Snap Decisions

Every day, over one billion names are searched on Google and businesses are no different.  There a thousands of businesses out there, and it’s made more competitive with online shopping. When someone decides they want to invest their time and money in something, they usually will Google that thing first. Say a customer has decided to redo their kitchen, and they begin by Googling for kitchen contractors in Edmonton. They all pop up, and one has the best prices, but terrible reviews. Most, if not all, consumers will choose to spend more with a different company than running the risk of shoddy work. Studies show that 45% of people have found something in an online search and that made them decide not to work with someone, or a company. Reviews are like press for your company, whether it be a Google review, a Facebook post, a Tweet, or Instagram story. Phineas T. Barnum, the 19th century showman and circus owner, once said, “ there is no such thing as bad publicity”. Phineas had clearly no understanding of the internet. Contrary to traditional forms of press, like the newspaper, once it’s on the internet, it can never be fully removed.

reputation management

2.    Free Speech

If you upset anyone, an ex, a fired employee, someone you received a promotion over, etc.they can literally go onto forums and post anything. They can go anywhere online and trash you, and your business in turn. It happens all the time, and a lot of these people aren’t covered by any laws. These things can be posted regardless of the truth, if any, to them.

3.    Big Brother

Basically everything we do now, we do online, or at least partially online. Everything posted on Twitter and Facebook, every item we search for websites we visit, online transactions we make, even conversations through text messages or dms exists somewhere. A Facebook status made years ago can come back and be a problem tomorrow. Keeping these things at bay, with online reputation management, can keep you, and your business, safe.

4.    Good Online Content is Best

The economy is increasingly competitive, and more and more companies, schools, and customers are looking for positive information about you on the web. With so many options, the choice between you and your competitor could be as simple as one negative review.

In Conclusion

Understanding what happens on the web, and just how much a negative situation or post can harm you or your business, is imperative for any business owner is 2020. But, how does one get started? The web is huge, with a lot going on. That’s where Cansoft Technologies in Edmonton comes in. We are experts in online reputation management. We can help keep you and your business protected from all negative internet posts, from scorned ex-employees, to bad reviews. Choose Cansoft Edmonton for all your online reputation management needs.