SEO is not just to rank number one on a search term on Google, it is also your branding and marketing tool.

Let’s see what’s behind this SEO game and why the whole world is crazy about it!

Keywords are the Key to Conversion. What you think people search isn’t always the case.

SEO extends the reach of your traditional marketing techniques, to a level never seen before, known as Direct Marketing. Choosing the right keywords based on monthly search volumes is imperative to converting Google users searching these terms. In the past, it was not possible for a small business to reach the national or international level, but with our help, you can. Putting your website in front of these convertible search terms allows you to target the right audience based on your business. Being a Google partner we are able to see what people are searching related to your business, we then choose the most convertible search terms. On Google, there are information-based searches (people wanting to learn about a product or service) or (people directly searching based on a need), differentiating between these search terms increases conversion.

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Branding or Marketing, SEO is always the Best Way

It is easy to see how increased visibility will increase your traffic and lead to an increase in sales. However, converting searches to sales takes more than just getting one simple click, and we can understand this by analyzing people’s searches. Most of the time, when people are searching for products or services, searchers will search for one key term, click on a few results, and then refine their search. It is because of this behavior that it is incredibly important to hit multiple keywords (which are still in the same category relating to your business), to ensure your business continually comes up in searches. Each keyword that you rant for adds more association of your business to the results their looking for, even if your company or website was not their first choice. Not only does this mean that there is an increased chance in the potential company going through your website, but it also builds trust that your business is the right choice.

Want to build trust? SEO helps

As customers, we place more value and confidence on the websites that appear at the top of your Google search. This means that the higher your website ranks, the more likely a customer is to instill trust into your company. On the flip side, the further away your site is from the top, the more skeptical potential customers become of your website if they even bother to scroll that far.

Furthermore, when you combine a fantastic SEO strategy with content creation, it can, and will, help develop your companies voice. One of the things we hear the most is that a company wants to have an informative, professional, and knowledgeable voice for their customers. The best way to do that is by sharing your knowledge via blogs and articles that acknowledge frequently asked questions, or valuable information for your customers.

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SEO Helps Your Awareness Marketing

SEO can very easily be integrated with your digital or traditional marketing tactics. Linking SEO to your content creation, social media, and public relations will drastically improve your marketing power. SEO is by far the best way to take your marketing and reach to the next level.

Thinking about Return of Investment? SEO is the Solution

If you want results, and fast, SEO is proven to be the best way of doing so. SEO is known as an inbound marketing strategy, which is basically just targeting people who are already looking for your products and services, which is what makes it such a fantastic marketing strategy. Trying to convince someone that they want your goods and services, and should go with your company is not an easy thing to do. Targeting someone who already knows they want services that you offer is a much easier feat. The majority of the work is done for you; you just need to convince them of what you already know you’re the best for the job.

The most challenging part of SEO is that it is continuously changing and requires consistent monitoring and adjustments. Google updates its algorithm regularly, so it’s crucial to stay on top of the most recent changes to reach the most effective results. However, the information that SEO rewards you with is incredibly valuable, and can (and should) be used to target new demographics and perfect your marketing techniques to yield better results.

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Learn More about Your Customers with SEO

SEO generates a massive amount of traffic, and it is all stored and tracked through services like Google Analytics. In our hands, this tool can be used to grow your business more than ever. We can provide essential feedback about how your website is currently doing, for you to use to make even better-informed business decisions. The information we can provide you with includes:

  • What potential customers are searching
  • How potential customers are browsing the internet
  • What type of language potential customers are using
  • What kind of device potential customers are searching on
  • The area they are searching from
  • Most active days, and times.

Although this list isn’t all of it, it is easy to see how this data can be used to improve your website to yield better results. We will help you paint a full circle idea of who your primary customers are, which you can use to promote your business both online and in person.

Kazi Mamun

CEO, Cansoft Technologies