The CanStart initiative

Cansoft is proud to present the CanStart program! It is an amazing opportunity for start-ups in Canada to pitch their business concept or idea and receive investment through online marketing (Website, SEO, Social Media, and Branding). This investment will help them grow and support the growing pains all startups in Canada are facing.

This investment opportunity in Canada is great for Start-up companies to get their business started with help from Cansoft Technologies.

Who is Cansoft Technologies?

Cansoft was a tech startup in Canada back in 2013. The company started with 3 people and a big dream in a small basement office. The idea behind it was to provide a local solution to go global throughout the power of digital marketing and software development. We wanted to create, explore and design new products and services for our industry. After years of hard work and dedication, our team grew and managed to keep us ahead of the competitive tech curve. Research and development are our core strength and this has helped us to become the company we are today. We are organizing this business event in Canada to be able to re-give to Canadian entrepreneurs.

We have expanded globally and created partnerships in Canada, New Zealand, Bangladesh, and the United States. We have also grown a vast array of services including digital marketing, web applications, software development, website design, mobile application development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing(SMM), and social media services.

How does this business event in Canada works?

The way it works is pretty simple in fact. It does not matter if you only have an idea or if you have a fully functional start-up, we want to hear from you!

Once you have submitted your project through our personalized form, we will take the time to read each and every project descriptions and choose the most promising ones. It is not an easy task since we are sure that every project will be amazing!

Don’t hesitate to submit your project to us, the worst that could happen is that you could become the next big investment opportunity in Canada!

What will happen during the event?

During this business event in Canada, we are going to listen to a 5-minute pitch from each participant and evaluate each one on a variety of criteria. The criteria are ranging from the viability of the project to the technical realizations and your business plan.

Once your start-up is chosen to participate in this business event in Canada, you will receive the complete list of evaluation criteria and you will be able to prepare your pitch with those in mind. Once all the 5-minutes pitches are over, we will select the projects that are the most promising for our investors.

Our Judges

For such a business event in Canada, we obviously need a good panel of judges. Your startup pitch will be judged by:

  • Our own CEO with an extensive background in Tech, IT and Software development. He will mainly be judging the technical aspect of your startup and the feasibility of your project.
  • Our own Vice President with an extensive background in Marketing and Social Media management. She will mainly be judging the marketing aspect of your startup and the creativity behind it.
  • Our own CFO with an extensive background in Finance and business management. He will mainly be judging the financial part of your startup and the investment possibilities related to your project.
  • An outside branding expert with an extensive background in brand management and advertisement. She will mainly be judging the brand you want to create for your startup and the scalability of your business.

Our judges will be covering all aspects of your business with you to be sure that you have everything you need to become the next big investment opportunity in Canada. They are there to not only judge your idea but to inform and share knowledge. They have all been part of a startup in Canada at some point or another and they know the challenges and opportunities that you will encounter in the future.

What is the goal of the event?

The goal of each participant is to impress our judges to convince them of the viability and the potential of their project. Once this is done, Cansoft will reach out to its partners to bring them this investment opportunity in Canada. We will also, as mentioned before, contribute ourselves with a high-value digital marketing plan and the executions of that plan for you.

What if I’m not selected to go to become an investment opportunity in Canada?

No worries, if you are not one of the startups in Canada we want to invest in, you will still gain experience from this and you will still receive a complete report on what should be improved. This event is not a one-time thing and if you work hard on your project, you might get selected in the next CanStart. Working hard and believing in your company is a big part of it. Do not let yourself get discouraged and keep grinding to become the next big investment opportunity in Canada.

Cansoft is there for any of your projects!

Even if you are not selected during this business event in Canada, you will still need digital marketing for your future business. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information on how to start ranking or on how to design a beautiful website. We are there to help new businesses to get started but we also work with local companies and big corporations. Get in touch with our digital marketing experts to scale your business to a whole new level!

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