The 4K UHD is the ideal thing at the moment, and this is due to the presence of high refresh rates that have been found on it. Many gamers are delighted that the 4K UHD monitors for gaming have a fast loading speed. The truth about the matter is every computer has its specifications to handle these types of monitors. Therefore, most of these monitors are being measured in Hertz, and the type of Hertz monitor one can buy depends on the money involved. The higher the Hertz monitor, the higher the money to be paid in getting it, and vice versa.

4K UHD monitors for gaming with 144HZ, 240HZ and 244HZ

There is no way you want to enjoy your game as a game freak you won’t plan on buying a good 4K UHD monitor to offer the maximum satisfaction you deserve. Some people have the money to buy the 4K UHD monitors to play their games, but they don’t have any idea on the best one to buy in the market. This is a big problem that can ruin someone’s gaming experience. This is the reason it is important to carry out various research on the internet to know the right one to buy to avoid spending money unnecessarily.

Every gamer has the type of 4K UHD monitor they will prefer, and that is one thing for sure. There is no way two persons will like the same thing. One might want a higher Hertz, while the other might choose a smaller hertz. In addition to this, some buyers will like to go for graphics and aesthetics instead of the fast response time that will speed up the game time. The common type of panel being used is the 4K UHD monitor with an IPS panel that operates at 60Hz. At this juncture, we are going to have a deeper meaning on Hertz to know the different types available in the market.

What is the meaning of Hertz?

This has to do with the total number of images that are being displayed per second at each time the 4K UHD monitor refreshes. For instance, a 4K IHF monitor with 60Hz is going to have 60 images for each time the monitor refreshes, and that is the same thing that is going to happen to a monitor with 120Hz. Therefore, the number of Hertz is the determinant factor for the number of images that will be obtained. The Hertz creates smoother display on the screen of the monitor especially when one is gaming.

The latest graphics card Nvidia (RTX 3080), offers a superb 4K UHD gaming performance, and if you want the card to do more, then, it calls for buying a large monitor that comes with numerous pixels. For instance, the RTX 3070 that will soon be out in the market will be the ideal one to buy based on the 1440p gaming when it is available for buyers. There are lots of 4K UHD monitors with different Hertz, ultrawide panel, high Hertz made for games with a high graphics card.

In time past, it was cleared the only Hertz the human eyes can see was 30Hz. As time went on, it was increased to 60Hz. Different Hertz has been introduced in the market to give different options to buyers to pick the one that will suit them. There is no doubt that the human eye can only see 60Hz. There are still more features that come with 249Hz and this is the super smooth experience. This hertz affects the gaming experience, because of the refresh rate that comes with it.

How Does Hertz Affect Your Gaming Experience?

There are no much differences that come with the 4k UHD monitor for every average user who wants to make use of it. For anyone who wants to buy it, there are small differences responsible for playing a vital role in becoming a winner in competitive games such as Vaorantz, Fornite, OUBG, and many others.

One thing to know in 4K UHD monitors, is the fluidity of the motion found on the monitor. Therefore, Hertz has something to do with the refresh rate, and nothing to do with the graphics. It has been discovered that 120Hz and 144Hz allow the gamer to have the privilege of making fast reactions.

Factors to Consider Buying 4K UHD Monitors

1.     Motion Resolution:

Some computers can play any game using a high frame rate that is compatible with either 240Hz or 120Hz. The motion resolution can be seen via the sharpness of a moving object. The only way blurring is going to occur is based on the information being processed inside the brain to create a detailed moving picture. The higher the refresh rate that comes with the 4K UHD monitor, the lower the blurring images that are produced in the brain.

Human brains are different, and they aren’t like computer hardware. In some scenarios, buyers have seen the notable difference between the display gotten from a 120Hz and 240Hz. The kind of images gotten depends on the type of monitor being used in playing games. The user of the 4K UHD will see fast action, fast web browsing, and many others. Another way to see it depends on the kind of activities that are being done on the system. If you are the type who pays attention to key things, you are going to see sharper visuals during adventure games.

2.     Screen Tearing:

At times, frame rates and refresh rates are different from each other, and they are a mismatch. At this point, screen tearing can occur due to the computer’s video card spitting out a frame at a fast rate that is above the refresh rate that has been used in the connection. This happens when there are enough frames higher than the monitor can control. There are some cases half-frames are sometimes seen together on the monitor screen, and they show as obvious split.

3.     GPUs and Refresh Rate:

There is no doubt syncing technologies have been built to operate with GPUs for it to prevent a problem like a screen tear, but that goes beyond the role of the GPUs in display performance. For instance, if you want to begin a 120 to 144Hz or higher performance, there will be a need to find a GPU that will help to keep the tempo of your game. There is no right choice in buying a GPU that can produce an output of 120 or more frames in each second, but extra processing power and a huge amount of fast memory capacity are a sign to know the one to buy.

4.     Input Response:

This is another feature one has to consider in buying a 4K UHD monitor. The refresh rate has a lot to do with the input lag. For instance, a 4K UHD that gives a display of 60Hz, there will be no way to have a visible input lag that is below 16.67 milliseconds, based on the amount of time that is being transmitted from one refresh rate to another. If 120Hz gives 8.33ms, and 240Hz, when it is being reduced, will give half of 8.33ms, and that will be 4.16ms. Therefore, reducing the lag by 10ms may not be required for many people. The reason gamers reduce the lag is to obtain a smooth gaming experience.

Best 4K UHD Monitors for Gaming

These are the 4K UHD monitors for gaming with 144Hz, 240Hz, and 244Hz:

1.     Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor:

This 4K UHD monitor for the game comes with different specifications to make the user enjoy his or her game. The gaming monitor offers ultra-smooth 240Hz refresh rate that will make the user feel comfortable using it. This is being achieved by the 24.5-inch display using a 1080p resolution to produce decent clear pictures to move along with the smooth motion. There are VA and TN panels that are found inside the monitor. It makes use of IPS panel to offer great colours and different viewing angles. As a result of the features, buyers are going for this Alienware 25 gaming monitor.


2.     Viotek GNV32DB:

People who are in search of speed in their gameplays can rely on this Viotek to enable them to have the slightest movements of their adversaries. It has a refresh rate of 240 Hz, but the price is affordable for any game lover. There are different options inside the monitor to compel buyers in buying it. Apart from the speed, being obtainable using the TN panel, this 4K UHD monitor has FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility. This makes the pictures on the screen clear and seen on Full HD. With this 4K monitor, you are going to enjoy a brightness level display from your money.

3.     ASUS VG279Q:

This is a great monitor to save your money in terms of reducing unwanted expenses. It is more affordable than any other 4K UHD monitor like Acer Predator X27. You will be sure to enjoy the different options found on the monitor. It has a Full HD and a fast response of 1ms. As a result of the 144Hz refresh rate, fast-moving images appear sharper and well-detailed. It has been designed using fast input technology to enhance users’ gaming experience.

The GamePlus and GameVisual functions help to increase the colour performance and game control at the same time. The presence of shadow boost helps to make the picture more detailed and accurate especially in a region where there is no light. There is a FreeSync technology to reduce choppy frame and screen tearing rates. Therefore, no matter the long hours you spend playing games, there will be nothing like eye fatigue, and this is made possible by the ASUS Eye Care Technology.

4.     BENQ ZOWIE XL2731:

This is an affordable 4K UHD monitor that can provide a unique gaming experience, and it has a 144 refresh rate and a low response time of 1ms. It offers good connectivity for external devices such as one Display Port, HDMI ports, DVI-DL port, headphone jack, etc. There is no USB connection, and this is where the device is faulty a bit. It has different performance-enhancing features on it such as FreeSync compatibility, Display Modes, Smart Scaling, flicker technology, etc.

The monitor can be adjusted to any angle depending on the user. There is a 3-year warranty on the device should there be any fault. Although the panel happens to be a TN type, the performance of the monitor is not being hindered in any way. If you want the best 4K UHD monitor, you can go for this one.


It is not advisable to break your entire savings for the sole purpose of buying a 4K UHD monitor for games. You need to figure the right one that will fit into your budget. Different monitors might have the exact specifications you want. The major thing is to check on reviews on the one you want to buy.