The BC government has launched a new initiative to help small & medium-sized businesses to create a new way to reach their customers. 1,500 businesses are now eligible to receive this grant of $7,500 each that will help them create an online presence to market their services/products online.

What Can I Use This Grant For?

The BC government will provide up to $7,500 to create or update an online store, they will also promote this store on their own network to facilitate the success of your online business. As a business owner in BC, you will be able to use this funding for any online-related expenses. For example:

  • Upgrading or Creation of an E-Commerce website with inventory system online
  • Advertisement and Marketing (SEO, SMM, etc)
  • Upgrading or Creation of Website or Platform to portray your products and services
  • Hiring or training of staff to manage your website
  • Online presence management through Social Media

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Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for this grant, you need to be a business owner in BC whose sales have been affected by Covid-19. Some of the main sectors that were affected like retail, restaurants and tourism are in need of a solution to stay afloat, Cansoft is here to help! Here are the criteria to be eligible:

  • You need to have a goods and services tax number and to pay taxes in British Columbia
  • Your business must have sales of more than $30,000 in either 2019 or 2020
  • Your business must have less than 150 employees (So even if you have a family run business you are eligible)
  • You must provide repeatable products to your clients, or in the case of artists or a jeweler, items that have simple differences
  • Your existing online store must have less than 3 out of those 5 criteria

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Invest In The Future Of Your Business

Over 12 million dollars are being invested to help small and medium-sized companies to create or upgrade an online store to create a new way of reaching out to their clients. This new online platform will allow you to generate revenue, grow your business as well as become more competitive in your industry.

Why Do You Need an E-Commerce Platform?

Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation said: “This program will provide business owners with the ability to expand their online presence and create a customized e-commerce site that will give them the boost they need to keep moving forward.” The main reason for you to get an E-Commerce platform today is pretty simple, online shopping in Canada represents over $305 billion in sales in 2019 and this number keeps getting bigger. You should get a piece of that pie!

  • Customer registration and information security features
  • Order management & Shopping Cart
  • Payment processing options (including taxes and shipping cost)
  • A complete inventory or Catalogue of your products
  • Reports and Analytics functionalities

steps to apply

How To Apply?

Before applying for this grant, you will need to gather the following:

  • Current year balance or past fiscal year statement
  • Your BC Business number
  • PST and WorkSafeBC registrations (if you have one)
  • Your income tax return:
    • Notice of assessment (2019); or The first section of your T2 return or the first section of the owner’s tax return (Form 5010-R) (2019 or 2020)
  • C. business registration number and official registered name

The application can be found on the BC government website and it is a simple 3 step application process.

  1. Create a grant proposal that shows how you are planning on using the grant.
  2. Complete your online application showing your eligibility and send your online shop proposal.
  3. Your application will be under review and you will be contacted within the next 3 weeks.

Getting Help For Your Business

If you have any questions about applying for this grant, Cansoft Technologies can help you!  We will guide you through the process and outline a marketing solution integrating an e-commerce platform or an updated website that follows today’s industry standards. Contact us today with any questions you may have.



*Cansoft Technologies is not associated with the Launch Online Grant program. We are a digital marketing company here to assist in setting a strategy to make the best use of any funding you should receive.