Do you know playing your video games is never complete without having the right gaming recliner chair? People with classic gaming recliner chairs have been able to improve their gaming experience. Most people have been reluctant about seeing the need of having a gaming chair because they feel using their normal chair can give them the same satisfaction. The truth about the matter a gaming chair offers maximum and secures the user from back pain, and other body fatigue that could be obtained due to long hours of game time.

May buyers have found it hard in buying the right gaming recliner chair to use in their apartment. The essence of these chairs is a must-have if one wants to have a smooth gaming experience. Apart from the comfort the chair has to offer, it is also flexible to allow the user to change it to different angles. Some can rotate at an angle of 270°, while some can rotate 360°, and this is the good thing about the gaming chair. There are other extra features one can derive from buying these gaming recliner chairs.

These gaming chairs have their various prices, and features that come with each of them. Since different manufacturers are being involved in the production of these chairs, therefore, they have unique features, and price rates too. Game lovers have to be happy because there are lots of gaming chairs available in the market for them to make their choice. These gaming chairs come with a Footrest to allow gamers to enjoy premium comfort during game hours, while in some there is nothing like a footrest. At this point, it boils down to the user’s choice and budget.

Each of the gaming recliner chairs in the market has its value, comfort, size, weight, and many others. There are diverse benefits one will get from using these gaming recliner chairs. For instance, an individual who is having back pain will need a gaming recliner chair that will make him or her relax to relieve the pressure on the lumbar disc. It is unequivocally clear that buying these gaming recliner chairs is a good investment for gamers. At this juncture, how there more benefits one could get?

What are the Benefits of Using Gaming Recliner Chairs?

In time past, most gamers were not able to see the needs of buying gaming recliner chairs with and without Footrest. There were various reasons for them having this reluctant attitude, but as time went on they were able to see the needs based on the numerous benefits they can obtain. These are the following benefits, and here they are:

1.     Maximum Comfort:

This gaming recliner chair can offer the user an active sitting position to protect them from different issues such as circulation problems, back pain, waist pain, and other complicated issues that might arise as a result of sitting down for long period playing video games. For instance, if a gamer buys a gaming chair with Footrest, he or she can change the position of his or her legs when playing video games.

2.     Correction of Body Posture:

Most gamers have spoilt their body posture due to the way they sit when playing video games. This is the reason buying a gaming recliner chair is vital to make sure the human body is being aligned in a proper shape. The feet have to be placed on the ground properly, while the hips and the knees are at the same level to allow the eyes fixed on the screen. Short people might find this difficult to achieve, because of their short body frame. The only way to achieve this is by buying a gaming chair with footrest.

3.     Reduces Back Pressure:

Back pressure is a common thing that is obtained by most gamers who can spend long hours of game time. This makes it easier to have intense back pain as a result of not using the right gaming recliner chair. For someone who has been experiencing excruciating pain on his back, he or she can only prevent this by buying this gaming chair to protect his back from unwanted pain that is likely to make him or her feel discomfort. Therefore, if you are preparing to buy these gaming chairs, you need to know the right features to consider before taking the bold steps to spend your money.

Are there Factors to Consider in Buying Gaming Recliner Chairs?

In buying a gaming recliner chair, you need to be able to spot out some features to help you buy high-quality ones. As we have lots of superior ones in the market, in the same vein, there are inferior gaming recliner chairs too. Here are the factors to check:

  • Frame
  • Padding
  • Upholstery

1.     Frame:

This feature plays a vital role in making sure gamer buys unique gaming recliner chair in the market. The frame refers to the frame material that is being used in designing the chair to make it durable. One of the metals that are being used for this production is Aluminum metal. The metal is being used based on the fact it is strong and lights both at the same time. Another thing is the price that has made manufacturers of gaming chairs make use of it. If you have weight, it is advisable to buy one that the frame is made of stainless steel.

2.     Padding:

This is the foam used to offer comfort to the lower part of the body. The best type of material is the classic foam and makes the gamer have that conducive sitting position. It has a firmness that offers balance compared to other types of foam because it can mould perfectly to the body of any gamer.

3.     Upholstery:

In the market, there are numerous upholstery materials that are available:

  • Nylon mesh: It is a kind of tough plastic to make gaming chairs have lightweight, and protect it from fraying away quickly.
  • Wheels: If you are the type who enjoys moving from one place to another while playing video games, you could invest your money on gaming chairs with wheels. On the other hand, if you need a stable chair gaming chair, get the one that can stay at a fixed position to offer stability.
  • Breathable Material: The breathable materials is also another feature to consider in buying the gaming recliner chair. This kind of material helps to absorb foul odours and this smells come out due to the user sitting for longer periods. In addition to this, it makes cleaning of the chair done with ease.
  • High Back: This is an extra extension to the flexibility if the chair must offer the right support for the body to maintain its posture. It is important to have a good posture during playing games If you would be spending many hours, you need to make sure the chair has a high back for your lumbar region, neck, and lower back.


Best Gaming Recliner Chairs with or without Footrest

These are the following gaming recliner chairs to buy:

1.     Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Recliner Chair with Footrest:

The chair has been designed to offer maximum support to different parts of the body. For beginners, it has 4.8-inch thick memory foam to give cushioning, and also last long no matter the number of hours of sitting down on it. Armrests are found on both sides of the chair, and it can be adjusted to any height depending on the gamer’s choice.

It has good ergonomics support and backrest for lumbar support including a pillow for the neck. If you have body mass, you can be sure to have optimal support from the gaming recliner chair, because it weighs 300lbs.

Gamers have the option of adjusting it to different angles and even turn around while sitting on it. Therefore, you don’t have to panic because it has a solid metal frame to increase durability. There is a footrest to allow the feet to be changed at intervals, and the PU leather reduces the fast wear and year.


2.     VON RACER Massage Gaming Recliner Chair with Footrest:

This is the type of chair that has been would be the dream for different gamers to buy and allows maximum playing of game time. It is important to have a gaming recliner chair that can fight against stress and strain. It has different features such as metal frame, reinforced gas springs, and smooth-rolling casters.

It can carry a weight of 350lbs, and this makes it ideal for obese gamers. It has been integrated with an inbuilt USB powered electric body massager. It helps the body to relax through the soothing vibrations obtained from the high-density foam.

Apart from this, there is a padded headrest, lower lumbar cushion, and footrest. These features of the gaming chair can be adjusted by gamers to fit his or her choice. The chair comes with adjustable support for the lower part of the body, and it can move at an angle of 360-degree. It has a superb frame, and retractable footrest to provide enough comfort for the gamer.

3.     TOPSKY Gaming Recliner Chair without Footrest:


This gaming recliner chair looks like an office chair, and it has other features that gamers are going to enjoy from it. When it comes to padding, it has been designed in a way to allow gamers to feel comfortable, and take away pressure from their legs. The backrest and the seat cushion are of the same length. Even without footrest, gamers can enjoy a 175-degree recline and this is being achieved by pushing the lever.

In addition to this, it is an armrest and it is 3″ wide to offer optimal support to the body. For game lovers, they will be able to adjust the chair to a position that will suit them. Another thing peculiar to the gaming chair is the durability, and it comes with a one-year warranty should there be any fault that will damage the function of the gaming chair.


4.     ELECWISH Gaming Recliner Chair without Footrest:

The takes the shape of a NASCAR vehicle, and it comes with strong padding to offer comfort to the lower body. Each of the pad found on the gaming recliner chair has been designed with high-density elastic foam. There is lumbar support that has been integrated into the design of the chair, and a cushion found at the base of the gaming reclining chair, and this offers support for the lower back.

It can turn 360-degree and can be reclined in a 170-degree. On the aspect of the headrest, a sif cotton has been used with a water-proofed leather should there be any spill.

The wheel of the gaming chair can be used on different types of floor such as tile floor, hardwood, and laminated floor. If you are working in a slim budget, you are going to find the chair to suit your budget.



It is ideal to have a gaming reclining chair because gamers have fun while playing their games with luxurious comfort. Some of these gaming chairs have a footrest, armrests, good padded foam to maximize the level of comfort. Apart from this, the same chairs can be used in watching movies in the comfort of your home. In addition to this, one should be able to figure the right purpose of buying the gaming recliner chair in order to get the right specifications to suit their gaming needs.