Most video doorbells are meant to offer security purposes to separate apartments such as homes, offices, warehouses, and many others. This device can help catch thieves or intruders coming to the house to perform illegal activities or vandalize property. If you live in a big apartment, you need these video doorbells to ensure safe living. It doesn’t cost much to buy this tech gadget, but you need to purchase the right features.

The good thing about it you can stay anywhere in your home, office, or store to see any person who is at your door without trying to open it. For instance, there might be someone you don’t like their company; you can look at the device’s LCD screen without stressing yourself. The video doorbell has some similarities to the smart lock because of its wireless security cameras.

Buyers don’t have to pay any amount or charges using this gadget. The primary thing is to buy the device and keep using it, following the proper instructions to prevent it from damage. The high time people start recognizing the importance of security in their environment, the more they will find a reason to invest their money in buying video doorbells. People who have troublesome neighbors use the device to stay away from them.

Some of these devices come with robust battery solutions for users to take anywhere they are going. In addition to it, some people will prefer mounting it on their door or one side of the fence close to the door for a clearer view of any person. Most of these videos come with various features that increase their functions, like night vision, smartphone alert features, and motion detection.

There is a specific way of testing video doorbells. The best way is to install them in our homes and with family, friends, or relatives ringing the doorbell both day and night. It is through this process one could get an idea of what will happen in real-life situations. Some of the doorbells come with smartphone apps for users to control them efficiently. The random check can be carried out both day and at night to check the audio and video quality.

Essential Features of Video Doorbells

These are the vital things video doorbells must-have, and here they are:

  1. Motion detection:

The device must have the capacity to integrate with smartphones to offer notification to users through the phone. The infrared sensor motion detector functions by the infrared for users to view images. After an object on the motion is detected, the innovative technology offers user alert through the smartphone notification.

  1. Auto-theft and Easy Installation:

These video doorbells should be installed with tight screws for maximum security in case of any problem. For instance, if the video doorbell is removed from its actual position, it will send an instant notification to alert users about the device’s recent changes.

  1. Night Vision:

The presence of infrared red at night helps users to pinpoint who is at the door at night. During the night, when an individual knocks at your door, the Infrared red in this device can lighten a dark person’s skin complexion. Buyers should buy the one that comes with night vision to picture any object.

  1. Multi-user functionality:

In every home, various persons answer the call at the door. A device with multiple-user functionality is needful to allow different people to open the door. On the other hand, everyone in the home can obtain notifications on their smartphones to open the door. Users have the option to send the signal to either family or friends to open the door on their behalf.

  1. Video storage:

Storage is essential since it will be dealing with recording images or videos. Storage space is vital to store these images for future use either on cloud storage or memory card. Some of these cloud storage options require users to purchase or subscribe to a plan, while for memory cards, the user can buy it at a go. It is preferable to buy a video doorbell with a minimum of 16GB SD drive.

  1. Weather resistance:

Weather is another thing that users can find hard to forecast. Buyers whose doors are exposed to sunlight and rain can get one that is waterproofed to avoid early damage. If you are buying this type of video doorbell, you need to endeavor to check either it has water-resistant or not. Some video doorbell cameras can withstand 10 degrees and over 130 degrees of intense heat and function as usual.

  1. Data Privacy:

The best ones allow users to encrypt data or files for maximum security. Some of these video doorbells that can perform this function are Nest, Eufy, Ring, Arlo, and many others. These brands can secure the camera footage from hackers or intruders who might want to back vital information. Users must have a strong password for their internet service at home because WiFi hackers can access them.

Buyers’ Guide in Buying Video Doorbell Cameras

Every video doorbell has features that make it unique from others. The device can record videos and store them simultaneously. The night vision has infrared to make images in the dark become brighter for users to have a clearer view. These are the following buying guidelines for buyers to follow:

  1. Installation and Power:

For installation and power, every video doorbell is different from the other. There are some in the market that requires buyers to have lots of technical expertise to operate them. In contrast, some, even a lame man with no idea about technology, can operate them. In addition to it, installing a wireless doorbell won’t take the user lots of time to fix it.

In terms of power, some rely on batteries to carry out their functions. In contrast, others might need electricity to charge them for extended-lasting usage. Users need to know the power source of any video doorbell they want to buy in their homes.

  1. Storage and Subscription:

The best video doorbell to buy is the one that comes with cloud storage options to offer more security. It is good to have it at the back of your mind that you have to subscribe to use their cloud storage most of these devices. The lowest subscription plan you could find is $3 every month, and the highest could be $30 every month.

The basic plan is available, and it requires you to pay less amount of money. Still, it has other features like time-lapse recording, streaming, and intelligent alerts. For buyers with enough money in their hands, they can subscribe to the monthly plan. You can be fortunate to find video doorbells that the cloud storage is free.

  1. Resolution:

In terms of resolutions, each of these devices has its resolutions. Some could be 720p resolution, but it is somewhat low to capture clear images for security purposes. Buyers have to know the higher the answer, the stronger the security device. Buyers should purchase a high-standard solution to obtain high-quality videos or footage.

Is there any Benefit from Using Video Doorbell Cameras?

There are various benefits users will get from using these video doorbells cameras in their apartments. Everything about the device centers on safety and security for users. Let get to see either they are beneficial or not:

  1. Clear Outside Views:

The device’s purpose is to help the user have a clearer picture or videos of anyone who is knocking at their door. As a result of this, users don’t need to peep through their door holes before getting to see the person. The mobile app inside the user’s smartphone allows them to have more explicit pictures of the door with ease.

  1. Smarter Home:

Due to the advanced invention of technology, these video doorbells connect with other home devices such as smart locks or Alexa to offer your home security through voice commands, inbuilt controls, or app.

  1. For security:

The microphones and inbuilt cameras will tell you who is at the front of your home because the person’s voice will be heard clearly from the app, likewise the face. With this, you will be comfortable staying at your home.

Best Video Doorbells

These are the following video doorbells, and they are:

  1. Ring Video Doorbell 3:

The device is ideal for both homeowners and renters to have in their apartments. It is one of the best in the market for those who can’t make many changes to the apartment they are renting. The battery doesn’t take a longer time to install inside the device. You can use it without seeking the help of an electrician.

Suppose you are after extensive smart home integration to get a fast result in terms of innovative features. In that case, you can go for this one. The only downside is the video resolution is not too high compared to the other two Arlo video doorbells and Eufy video doorbells. Users can enjoy its notifications, motion detection, and alarms. It has a good resolution of 1080p to offer high-quality images.

  1. The Arlo Video Doorbell 2K Pro:

It has some features that are not available in other types of video doorbells in the market. It can perform various functionalities like pre-recorded messages, intelligent motion detection, Amazon Alexa, 2-way audio, etc. In addition to it, there are still some unique features you won’t find in other video doorbells.

One of its unique features is the video call function that enables the user to set the device directly to their smartphones to know who is at the door. Besides, users can interact with the person knocking through their phones. The 180-degree broad view and siren alert users should there be an emergency.

  1. Eufy Security Video Doorbell:

The video doorbell is one of the affordable ones you can purchase with your money. It comes with lots of advantages compared to those with higher prices. It has an intense 2K UHD video that can cover a 160-degree broad view and night vision. The device has local storage for storing recorded video clips using a 4GB eMMC storage module

However, with this storage, files can last up to 30 days with no need for a subscription. Due to the lack of cloud storage, users can’t do live video streaming with it. It has a slimmer appearance and stylish than its counterparts. The front face of the device makes the video doorbell looks outstanding in its design.


Video doorbells play an essential role in securing homes and properties. It is the best way to keep Intruders away from our apartment. Buying the device requires you to spend some money on buying the right one. Suppose your door is located outside the building, in that case, the idea of purchasing a waterproof doorbell will make lots of sense to prevent it from water splashes.