A wireless barcode scanner offers many of the same features as a traditional barcode scanner without any wires. It may be programmable and can recognize different types of barcodes. Some scanners can even detect broken or obscured barcodes. Each scanner includes a battery that may continue to perform for several weeks. A scanner usually can be plugged into a computer and store barcodes offline. Plus, a scanner is lightweight and portable and can be held comfortably in your hand for an extended period of time. Scanners come in multiple sizes and styles, and most come with instructions for seamless setup. They also can be used across a variety of industries, including the retail and healthcare sectors.

Fixed Scanners

Commonly used in retail environments at the point of sale, fixed barcode scanners are attached to a terminal and transmit data as a single barcode is scanned. These are also referred to as “tethered” scanners.

Portable Batch Scanners

Portable batch scanners store data which is later transferred to a host computer. They are battery-operated which allows for greater flexibility than a fixed scanner. Also, portable batch scanners contain an LCD monitor and keypad. This allows users to perform tasks from the device. Batch scanners come in hand-held, wearable, and truck-mounted styles.

Wireless Scanners

Wireless barcode scanners also store data in memory like batch scanners. But, they transmit their data to a back-end system in real-time. Wireless scanners provide the highest level of worker productivity. At the same time, it’s a great benefit to have instant access to your data. For instance, accurate information is always available when it comes to managing inventory. This is also helpful when performing asset tracking.

If you have huge warehouses or you are opening a business, one of the essential things you should not lack is a barcode scanner. Wireless barcode scanners help to add convenience when categorizing and pulling up prices when your customers are at checkouts. With that kind of convenience and simplicity, the flow of transactions will be steady and fast.

Wireless barcode scanners have multiple uses like keeping track of your inventory, sending and storing data in your computer. They have Bluetooth and wireless technologies that help to enhance easy connection and mobility. The guide below has the best wireless barcode scanners that will take your scanning to another level.

How to choose the best barcode scanner:

  1. Consider Your Flooring
  2. Think About Air Quality
  3. What Are Your Lighting Conditions
  4. Which Keyboard Do You Need
  5. What Type of Barcodes Will You Be Scanning


  • Consider Your Flooring

Did you know that drops are the leading cause of damage to mobile computers? So, the flooring in your warehouse is a top concern. Barcode scanners can be rugged or general-purpose. Rugged devices can perform under harsh conditions. If you drop your mobile device, will it land on a soft surface like carpet or on a surface like concrete? Look for a handheld computer with a rugged classification if you have hard flooring

  • Think About Air Quality

Is there a high level of dust in your warehouse? What about sawdust or other small particles?

If the answer is yes, make sure you look at the Ingress Protection (IP) rating of any model you consider. This is also the case if it’s possible that a handheld scanner could be dropped in water. To maximize the chances of your device surviving these elements, look for an IP rating of at least 68.

  • What Are Your Lighting Conditions

Do you work in a warehouse with low light levels or is your environment full of light? Lower brightness on your barcode scanner is suitable for a low-light environment. But, you’ll need a higher brightness level if you plan to use the device in bright sunlight or a bright warehouse.

Whatever the lighting conditions in your warehouse, ask your vendor for a demo in those conditions. You’ll want to ensure that the scanner can read barcodes correctly in your environment.

  • What Are the Keyboard Needs of the User

If the employees are typing in numbers, find a barcode reader with a number key location that is ergonomic for them. If the user will often be wearing gloves when typing on the unit, you need one with larger keys. Consider anything else that may impact the size or location of keys for the device users.

  • What Type of Barcodes Will You Be Scanning

If you will be scanning barcodes, consider the code type and scanning distance. 2D imaging is appropriate for any type of barcode scanning. Linear barcode scan engines are appropriate only for 1D barcodes.

If you’ll need to scan from long-range, look for a unit with Advanced Long Range or Extended Range capability. These scanners can read with either laser scanning or 2D barcode imaging from 45 to 50 feet away.


Portability: When looking for a barcode scanner, choose something lightweight and portable for you to move around with ease. You can choose a scanner that will conveniently fit your hands to keep you comfortable when working. Avoid a scanner that is bulky so that you can avoid carrying excess weight on your hands.

Material: The construction material should be heavy-duty and durable to enable you to use it in any environment. It should be sturdy in a way that you can use it in different environments and serve multiple applications. You can use a barcode scanner in the warehouse, construction sites, shops, hospitals, and large businesses. There are some wireless barcode scanners with non-slip bases that help to prevent slipping and keep the scanner in position.

Power: Wireless barcode scanners are equipped with rechargeable batteries that are energy-efficient and long-lasting to offer you ample scanning time. A barcode scanner with a long-lasting battery that will allow you to do your scanning for long hours. There are wireless barcode scanners with a lifetime of up to 1 year when fully charged. The battery allows you to be flexible where you can move with it anywhere and do your scanning with ease.




With this barcode scanner, you can eliminate the need for special scanners because you can use it to scan most linear barcodes. You can also use it to scan the high-density bar code with a resolution down to 3.5mil. Has an integrated Bluetooth radio that allows you to scan up to 100ft with a clear line of sight.

The barcode scanner has an energy efficient lithium-ion battery that offers you up to 12 hours of use. It has a visual and auditory paging system that enables you to find the misplaced scanners with ease. The scanner has a tough and heavy-duty construction that reduces maintenance costs and increases durability. Has a scratch-resistant glass window that allows you to read your data with ease. Has a mounted PCB that helps to enhance maximum impact resistance.


  • Equipped with a 12 hours lithium ion battery
  • Perfect for scanning a high-density bar code
  • Features an integrated Bluetooth class 2 radio
  • Has a visual and auditory paging system
  • Built with a tough and heavy-duty construction


  • Energy efficient
  • It has low maintenance costs


  • The battery drains fast.



This scanner is easy to install with any USB port without requiring a drive. Has a wireless transmission technology with a transmission distance of up to 164ft in the office or warehouse. This is a compatible barcode scanner that works with Quick book, Novell, Excel, In Flow, and word. Has an instant upload mode that up lodes the data to your device in sync when you scan the bar code.

It is ideal for use in a wide range of situations like in workplaces for business, warehouse, and shops. The scanner has a 2.2-inch HD color screen where you can see the current wireless channel used battery power, and wireless signal strength


  • Easy to install with any USB port
  • Features a wireless transmission technology
  • It has a wide range of compatibility
  • Built with a stylish design
  • Has a 2.2-inch HD color screen


  • Compatible and simple to use
  • Easy installation
  • It has multiple uses
  • Incredible price.


  • None



With this scanner, you can take bar code scanning to another level where it enables you to scan faster, and it can capture any ID bar code. It has a Bluetooth feature that enables this scanner to have a wide range of compatibility. The wireless barcode scanner offers perfect encryption to improve the overall wireless performance and security.

It is powered by a quality battery that supports different scan applications, and you can do your scans without worrying about battery drainage. The scanner is built to be durable where it has a construction that can survive a 6ft drop and you can use it in wet and dusty environments. It is easy to operate, and this enables you to do your scanning tasks with ease.


  • It captures any ID bar code
  • Has a Bluetooth feature that enhances compatibility
  • Powered by a quality battery
  • Built with a heavy-duty and sturdy construction


  • Great quality and easy to use
  • Has a wide range of compatibility


  • It is overpriced.



The scanner captures bar codes on computer displays, papers, mobile phones, and labels in an accurate and sensitive way. It has an efficient and precise USB interface that allows you to scan and save the data. This barcode scanner is built from heavy-duty and strong materials that enhance durability.

Also, the construction is slip-resistant to increase comfort and portability. Has a rotating head of 30-degrees to enable it to accommodate objects of different sizes and enhance flexibility. The scanner has a multi-language keyboard feature that supports US language, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and Italian.


  • Has a slip-resistant base for stability
  • The kit has a head with a 30-degree rotation
  • Features an efficient USB interface
  • Has a high scanning speed


  • Accurate and fast
  • Heavy-duty and stable
  • It supports multi-keyboard language
  • Easy to use without requiring any driver


  • The price of this barcode scanner is a bit high compared to other scanners



The scanner has a good transmission technology that provides you with a long transmission of up to 400m. It is easy to install in minutes without requiring any drive. Has a mini USB receiver that receives the scanned data to keep it safe and ready for use.

It has two pairing modes that help you to choose the best mode that will suit your needs. When you need a quality scanner with a good transmission mode, choose this mode to match what you need.


  • Has a long distance wireless transmission technology
  • Offers you up to 400m outdoor and 100m indoor transmission
  • Equipped with a USB receiver
  • Have two pairing modes
  • Features 2 working modes for better performance
  • Equipped with a long-lasting battery


  • Has a long transmission range for both indoor and outdoor
  • Great for the price
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • It only works with devices with USB ports


The above guide has the best wireless barcode scanners with the latest technology that makes scanning easy and fast. Unlike the traditional models that require boxes and decoders, these devices use a wireless connection. The guide will make your work easy when choosing a barcode scanner because it has everything you need.