Quebec City is one of the most visited city in Canada. People from all around the world come to visit to Quebec city and one of the most common search term they use on Google is ‘Things to Do in Quebec City’. Here is our suggestion- go to Le Marshall, enjoy bowling, play billiard, and enjoy drinks with friends at the bar.

Le Marshall:

Founded in 1962, Le Marshall is located at 851 avenue Myrand, next to University Laval, close to bus 807. They offer duckpin bowling, billard, foosball and a bar service. The bowling alley itself has changed a lot during the last few years and has become an attraction for students, young professionals and families (before 9 pm). They are open from 6 pm to 1 am every day except weekends where the are open from 1 pm to 1 am. The Cansoft team had a lot of fun playing bowling in Quebec and recommend as one of the top things to do in Quebec City and here’s why:


Bowling:What to do in Quebec

It is hard to decide what to do in Quebec City since it’s such a beautiful city. After passing the day in the heart of the old town, why not move away from the city to discover where the locals go. Bowling in Quebec is a cool and surprisingly fun way to spend the evening. They offer 6 duckpin bowling alleys where up to 12 people can play at the same time. For only 3,75$ a game per persons you can actually have a lot of fun for a cheap price. Bowling in Quebec at Le Marshall is a great activity to do in group, for a date or just between friends. When in doubt about what to do in Quebec, don’t hesitate no more and go have some fun at Le Marshall. Bowling here is not just bowling, this is one of the fun thing to do in Quebec City.


Billard QuebecIf you are looking for a nice play to play billiards in Quebec, Le Marshall has 4 tables open to experts and beginners alike. You don’t need to reserve the tables, you can just show up, put 1,50$ in the table and have fun. Next to the tables is the lounge space so you can also enjoy your drink while playing billiards in Quebec. The tables are also open to kids before 9 pm so you can bring your whole family to enjoy the pleasure of billiards in Quebec.           


The Bar: 

Le Marshall also offers a bar service for adults only (18 years old). They are known for their good and cheap drinks. Different promotions during the week might attract you if you are looking for what to do in Quebec. Tuesday and Friday are the drink pitcher (4 oz) for 12,75$. We have to give a special mention to their great selection of Quebec Gin. Another promotion that we liked is the Wednesday and Saturday Moosehead pitcher for 12$. The barmans over there are really nice and will usually take special requests for drinks that are off the menu (if they have time obviously).Bowling Quebec

When we are not busy working on your SEO and designing your website, we like to go out and explore the city. Le Marshall was a lot of fun and we will go back for sure. Either to play bowling in Quebec or for a quick game of billiards in Quebec. We now know what to do in Quebec for a fun evening or for a rainy weekend day.