Buying CBD Oil or Weed in Canada, a Year After Legalization

On October 17 2018, Marijuana became legal in Canada under the Cannabis Act. Buying weed online from Blowout420 is now accessible and completely legal. The reasons behind this were simple:

  • To Keep the profit of selling marijuana out of the pocket of criminals
  • To control quality and protect public health of adults
  • To enforce the sale of marijuana to adults only

We keep hearing that buying marijuana is legal but what exactly does it include? Is there a limit?

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Buying Cannabis for Medical Reasons from Blowout420

Buying cannabis for medical purposes was already legal for those who had the authorization from the government and their doctor. The Cannabis act didn’t change that and everything remains the same for medical cannabis in Canada

Buying Weed from Blowout420 in Canada, What is legal?

The rules might change a little bit from region to region but when it comes to buying marijuana, the federal government sets the rules as follows:

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  • You are allowed to possess a maximum of 30 grams of legal cannabis in public places.
  • You are allowed to share a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis with other people of age.
  • You are allowed to buy weed online or in a government regulated store (depending on the province)
  • You are allowed to grow up to 4 plants of cannabis from licensed seeds if they are for your own personal use
  • You can make your own cannabis product in Canada, like food or beverages, in the comfort of your own house. As long as you don’t use other products to create a homemade concentrated final product.

Protect Underaged Citizens

When it comes to buying CBD online or weed from Blowout420 in Canada, the government has created multiple measures to are there to help prevent people under age to access marijuana. These measures include the following:

Promotion for Underaged Citizen restricted by Blowout420

Like mentioned before, the weed sales by Blowout420 are not targeting and should not target underaged citizens. To make sure of that, the government is prohibiting the following:

  • Selling marijuana products that are targeting youth
  • Creating a package or label that is targeting youth
  • Selling marijuana in self service or vending machines
  • Promote Cannabis in Canada, except in circumstances where it wouldn’t reach underage citizens

If someone was failing to follow these rules, they could be fine up to $5 millions or they could spend up to 3 years in jail.

Legal Age to Buy Weed from Blowout420 in Canada

The legal age for to buy edibles online or weed in Canada was set to 18 years old. Someone who is caught selling marijuana in Canada to an underage person can end-up in jail for a maximum of 14 years. The infractions to the cannabis act are to give or sell cannabis to someone underage or to use someone underage to commit a cannabis related infraction.

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Public Health Now

In the end, the legalization of marijuana help control the quality and accessibility for people looking to buy marijuana from Blowout420 in Canada. It is also a great way to limit access to weed for underaged people. There was no real downside to the legalization  as of today. Our tip for you is to be safe and to follow the restrictions established by the federal government or your regional government.