The Key to Success In Digital Marketing

SEO is the key to success for your business. It is the process of increasing a website’s visibility to search engines by either optimizing websites for relevant keywords or using keywords as a means of identifying the target market.

This is done to increase a website’s visibility in terms of size, weight, and placement on search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEO is to make sure that more people are able to find the website it is on. To achieve this, a target market keyword is chosen, and the website is then optimized for that specific keyword through the strategic use of on-page elements (such as title and descriptions) and the placement of appropriate words and phrases.

Strategic Process

In other words, SEO provides a strategic process that allows the business owner to ensure that the website he is targeting is either search engine friendly or popular enough that it will generate a lot of legitimate, targeted traffic. This is done through three fundamental steps:

1. Deciding what your business does

2. Researching the best keywords for your business, which should be the most popular keyword for your market

3. Creating content that makes use of your target market keywords, slowly but surely. (Remember, content-driven websites are the most popular and successful businesses!)

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SEM Is Part Of The Key To Success

SEM, on the other hand, isn’t really about increasing visibility. SEM covers many different forms of marketing in addition to SEO that is discussed above. SEM is divided into three main components that are part of your key to success:

1. Paid Search

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Paid Inclusion (Pay to be in the top search results on search engines).

Paid search is the process of paying for search engine submissions and/ or advertisements to be placed at the top of the search listings accepting relevant keywords. Typically, you pay a set fee or pay in total when your ad is clicked, this amount is either monthly or a one time fee.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the other end of the spectrum is where practice comes in; the goal of SEO is to optimize websites based on two main factors:

1. Popularity

2. Performance

3. Determining which factors are most critical for optimization by analyzing the way the search engines rank web pages.

For example: If you are optimizing your SEO strategy for hot-off-the-press-email campaigns, you aren’t going to be able to rely on a pre-written, irrelevant text sent out to random addresses. You need to come up with transcripts of directly relevant conversations between high-ranking Internet marketers or thought leaders in the email ad copy. Just the same way you won’t win at a game based on the random opportunity that is flying thrown to you when you come up with a good strategy.

The honest truth of the matter is you don’t have the right strategy to access the key to success if you are not using SEO. You have to be the one on the opposite end of the spectrum; creating the right strategies to win at a game! If you have a great strategy, it must be able to pull out of the spin from a bodybuilding competition in more ways than one. So, the strategies chosen should be those that are relevant to your product or service that you want to measure your success in.

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