There are things that gamers have to keep their eyes on when buying a mini gaming PC. Anyone who wants to buy a mini gaming PC will like to purchase the better one to avoid any complicated issues in the future that will deter them from enjoying it. Excellent frame rates are essential features gamers should focus on, like having 1920 × 1080. Those who are passionate about 4k gaming will have to spend more money to achieve it.

Most of these mini gaming PCs are packed with gargantuan cases, and the good thing about them is that they have LED lights and a cooling system to drive away heat. The best way to know a reliable mini gaming PC is the graphics processing units (GPUs) because the higher the graphics card, the higher the gaming performance. Mini gaming PC doesn’t consume lots of space based on its size.

You can be fortunate to buy one that would take your mind off the latest Playstations or Xbox series in the market. Mini gaming PC helps reduce the cost that buyers would have spent purchasing these games that come with consoles. Despite these mini-games, you need to have a second thought about either you will upgrade it to a higher version or not. For instance, the latest Intel NUC 9 comes with lots of power assembled inside a small case, but it is not every component compatible with it.

Furthermore, some buyers will prefer buying a mini gaming PC like Alienware Aurora R11 to have more space to operate it. Different buyers have the features they are looking for in any mini gaming PC they want to buy. On the other hand, it is difficult for those who have no idea or information to buy the right one. It is the best mini gaming PC that can offer a superb gaming experience without any point of argument. As a result of knowing these features, you will buy the best one with advanced graphics processing units.

Are There Things to Consider in Buying Mini Gaming PCs?

There are essential things any buyer must put into consideration before they take the bold step of investing their money in buying these gaming PCs, and here they are:

  • Size
  • Graphics
  • Upgradability
  1. Size:

It is one of the essential factors that in choosing any mini gaming PC. These tech gadgets are available in different sizes. A smaller mini gaming PC has limited options and buyers who are aware of this go for those with more oversized frames to allow them to upgrade it in the future. The primary determinant factor for any size you will like to buy is based on the operation you will want the device to function.

  1. Graphics:

Is there any way a buyer who wants to enjoy quality pictures or resolutions will ignore graphics processing units? It is impossible because the GPU plays a significant role in letting buyers enjoy fair resolution when playing their games. Buying an advanced GPU requires lots of money, but it is better to buy one that can last for a longer time to avoid spending money to fix things up should there be an emergency.

  1. Upgradability:

One of the advantages of buying a mini gaming PC is the fact they allow for upgrading. For instance, someone who has an older version of a mini gaming PC can opt to upgrade it to the latest version available at the moment or add new components to their gaming PC. There are mini gaming PCs with lots of spaces to accommodate new features such as PCle, M.2 slots, and PCL. If you have a deep pocket, you can buy these gaming PCs.

Essential Components of a Mini Gaming PC

Some vital parts or components make these tech gadgets function well. There is no way you ignore any of these parts, and you still want the gaming PC to offer you a smooth gaming experience. Every gaming PC in the market must have these components function well, and they are:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Graphics Processing Units (GPU)
  1. Motherboard:

It is one of the essential parts of a mini gaming PC, and the motherboard helps users determine the type of processor they can use for their gaming PCs. Every motherboard has its features like on-board video, USB ports, HDMI, and many others. Presently game enthusiasts opt for the Z170 chipset due to its features like SLI and overlocking. The latter is responsible for increasing the processor’s speed, while the former permit using different Nvidia graphics cards.

  1. Processor:

It is another vital part of a mini gaming PC and offers fantastic system performance. Most of these high gaming PCs have either i5, i7, or i8 as their processors. It is better to buy a gaming PC with a high processor to enjoy a quality gaming experience. If you buy a processor like Core i4, you will have limited functions during playing games. Anything from core i5 upward is a better option for any game lover.

Some processors in the market have K at the end, like Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K; users can’t unlock them. The only thing the user can do is to overlock it using the motherboard. It is tough to upgrade the processor compared to upgrading other graphics cards, memory, and storage components. Therefore, you can buy a high processor that you can enjoy for many years.

  1. Memory:

When a mini gaming PC runs smoothly without any hindrance, the RAM is the primary thing that is making it happen. For instance, a buyer whose mini gaming PC has DDR3 won’t have to spend much money upgrading to the latest version. It is required that if users want to enjoy their games, they should buy a gaming PC with at least 8GB. Any mini gaming PC with 8GB can perform different functions; even a 16GB can do it.

The essence of having a large size memory is to provide you with different options of having numerous applications in your mini gaming PC, and these applications can function simultaneously. You have to consider this at the back of your mind if you want to have applications on your gaming PC.

  1. Graphics Processing Units (GPU):

It is one feature that makes users enjoy playing their games due to quality graphics or pictures. Gamers with high GPU in their gaming PCs seem to have high gaming performance. There is no way you want to enjoy good pictures; you plan to buy an inferior or low GPU card. No matter the type of budget you are preparing to buy a gaming PC, it is advisable to keep at least 1/3 of the total budget for these graphics processing units. Some of these GPU cards are AMD Radeon R9 380 and Nvidia GTX 960.

Best Mini Gaming PC

The following are the best mini gaming PCs, and they are:

  1. MSI Trident 3 10th:

It is one of the best mini gaming PCs that comes in small size but packed with unique features. The affordability rate makes it one of the most sought-after gaming PC in the market. You don’t have to break your account or go bankrupt trying to buy the MSI Trident 3. It has numerous specifications for game lovers who want something that will give them a quality gaming experience. If you are the type who is not after upgrading gaming PCs can go for this device.

One of the flaws or disadvantages of buying this product is the low entry-level. Besides it, the gaming PC’s complexity is not suitable for novice or beginners falling in love with gaming PCs. The entry model of this gaming PC is too slow, and it will require users to have a little bit of patience when trying to load it. Windows 10 happens to be the operating unit of the gaming PC.

  1. Beelink GT-R:

Users are going to enjoy the best gaming performance from this gaming PC. After a mini gaming PC with excellent features, you can pick the Beelink GT-R with other gaming PCs like Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU, AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, and many others. You don’t have to bother about heat being the major issue with this gaming PC since it has a cooling device embedded inside.

Various features support external devices like two LAN Ethernet slots, DisplayPort, HDMI outputs, USB Type-C, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. It is a reliable gaming PC anyone can rely on to have better performance. Although it comes at an affordable rate, the specifications are a fantastic one for any game lover.

  1. Corsair One i164:

The mini gaming PC comes in a small size to suit any workstation or desk in your apartment. It has an average size of the typical game console in the market, having half of the usual desktop size. The fan inside the device can drive away heat without making any noise during the process.

The processing units come with an Intel i7 9700k processor, a memory of 32GB, 480GB SSD, and a Geforce RTX 2080 graphics card. With these numerous features, users will have a lot of fun using the mini gaming PC. In addition to it, there are inbuilt light pipes for users to customize the light during playing games, and it can support 4k resolution.

  1. Zotac Mek Mini:

Most buyers are fond of having this mini gaming PC in their minds. Although it is small in size, it has lots of power in it. It can fit into any space in the office or living room, and it has a substantial footprint. Based on the performance aspect, users can’t compare it to other mini gaming PCs in this article. It has an excellent setup to control resolution like 1440p or 1080p, but it will find it challenging to control 4k resolutions.

  1. iBuyPower:

The iBuyPower mini gaming PC is over two decades since it was invented into the market. The company produces gaming systems that can last for several years before they are worn out. Right from time memorial, their goal is to offer customers quality gaming devices. Most professional game lovers are familiar with this product. In terms of the processing unit, it has AMD Ryzen 5 3600, which offers optimal performance during games.

You can even customize the colors to suit your favorite by downloading your system’s motherboard from the manufacturer’s website. The panel is built to allow sufficient airflow in and out of the system to make various parts remain cool. It has different external connections like USB, Network Ethernet, Audio channel, WiFi, etc. Users have a one-year money-back guarantee if it becomes faulty within one year.


As a result of the advancement in gaming PC technology, there are lots of these devices available in the market with great graphics processing units. The truth about the matter is your budget that determines the type of advanced gaming PC with good you will buy. On the other hand, you must ensure you check the conditions of the various components of the gaming PC you want to buy before making any payment.