Propane generators are needed to solve power failure, and it is one of the fantastic decisions you can take in investing your money. The good thing about the propane generator they come in a portable size to fit outdoor events. It is one of the benefits of buying this type of generator because it has nothing to do with the power output.

If you are saving money to buy a generator to use in solving electricity, you can buy a propane generator to get out of your dark days. You don’t have to spend so much money if you are preparing to purchase propane generators compared to how you will spend on buying gasoline for either indoor or outdoor usage, and most generators in the market use propane.

Furthermore, dual fuel generators can use either propane or gasoline. It is the reason they are referred to as dual fuel inverter generator. It will surprise you that technology has helped produce tri-fuel generators, and lots of persons are even buying them. It is clearly understood for someone to buy this generator, they must have a deeper understanding of the different features.

A propane generator can transmit mechanical energy into electrical energy. In terms of function, propane generators are not useful like gasoline generators, but they produce cleaner-burning energy. Any propane generator you want to buy should have features like low oil shut off, strong engine, automatic idling, etc.

A good propane generator can produce stable electricity that can power home appliances. When individuals are not conversant with certain features of this type of generator, they might end up buying the wrong one that might cause them more money in maintenance. There are numerous benefits of these propane inverter generators.

Benefits of Portable Propane Inverter Generator

Have you thought of the diverse ways this type of generator can be useful to you? People who are searching for propane generators for outdoor purposes buy something portable that won’t become a burden to them. The following are the advantages:

  1. Infinite Shell Life:

When you buy a generator that runs on fossil fuels, you can determine the infinite shelf life, but the reverse is with the propane generator. Even when you store the propane inside the generator’s tank, it will last for an extended period. On the other hand, fossil fuel generators will get contamination and carbon deposits that might affect the engine.

  1. Healthy Environment:

Propane generators don’t release toxic substances into the air like other generators. The amount of carbon monoxide they produce is a bit lower, which shows they can’t cause any harm to the environment. Therefore, you can get this generator and have a healthy environment.

  1. Ease of Storage:

There is no big deal in using propane because it is safer to store it inside the tank without danger. On the other hand, gasoline generators are highly volatile, or detrimental to human health or life.

Essential Features on Propane Generators

There are certain features a propane generator should possess to enable it to function well, and here they are:

  1. Portability:

Every propane generator has its weight, and this makes them different from each other. Some weigh more than 100 pounds with wheels for users to move it from one place to another, and it is one of the things that make the generator a perfect choice for buyers. The feature help buyers to consider the mobility of the propane generator.

  1. Electric Start:

The convectional pull cord starter is stressful for most people, and it is the reason for buying the one with an electric start to ease the process of starting it. Buyers are after generators that won’t demand lots of energy to create it. Presently, some generators come with a remote starter in the market, making it easier for users to start the generator without going outside.

  1. Safety:

Is there anyone who doesn’t care about safety when buying a propane generator? The automatic shutoff allows the generator to switch off on its own when the oil level is low. If you buy a generator that lacks this particular feature, it will damage the generator or, in some cases, lead to fire breakout. Surge protection eliminates the risk of electrocution on numerous electrical appliances.

  1. Outlets:

The outlet is essential in a generator. Different models have a 30-amp outlet, and it makes it easier to use along with an RV. It is common to find two standard AC outlets on propane generators. In some generators, they can be either four or more to allow users to power different electrical appliances.

Portable Propane Inverter Generator

  1. DuroMax XP2000EH:

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The propane generator has no wheel for users to move it from one place to another. It is smaller in size with lots of features; still, it produces stable electricity to power appliances in various homes. It has a continuous power to 1600W, making it possible for RV and household users to run the generator using a maximum output.

Its small size has a little fuel tank that can last for only 6.5 hours. If it is full output, it will last only a few hours. It has a heavyweight of 53 pounds, and users will find it difficult to carry it to different places like camping, picnics field trip, excursion, and many others.

In terms of starting the generator, it can be excruciating because it has no electronic start to ease the starting process. The smaller gasoline reservoir does not affect the propane tank, and for this, it could last up to 16 hours using a standard 20-pound tank. If the power outage you want is not high, you can use this propane generator.

  1. FIRMAN H08051:

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Buyers who are after high power output should go for this generator. It has a continuous output of 8000W and a peak output of 10000W when gasoline is inside the tank. The manufacturer built the generator to have an 8-gallon tank to provide long hours of interrupted power supply. It weighs 235 pounds, and the frame allows users to move for a short distance.

It produces quite sound like other gasoline generators within the same range in the market. A fuel gauge enables users to know the fuel inside the generator will supply a power outage. When you are running the generator with liquid propane gas, the power output will be high, and this shows it provides continuous power outage of 6250W and 9050W peak output running for complete eight hours.

  1. WEN DF1100T:

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There are big propane generators that users do find it hard to move from place to place because they are built with heavy metals that make the body stronger with larger engines. The WEN DF1100T is quite different from other propane generators because it has a wheel for users to roll it into a particular position.

The foldout handle makes it easier to lock the generator for security purposes. Electric start won’t give anyone a headache in starting the generator, unlike the other ones with a pull cord starter. When once the propane inside the generator, the user has to press the start button for it to start working. Once a month, the battery is used in running the generator to avoid using a pull cord.

The electric start-up reduces the headache or amount of energy to start the generator, and the type of fuel inside the machine has nothing to do with its functions. It is not difficult to set up the generator because it has a simple tank. If there is any need to change the oil when it is dirty, it is removed to make the engine free from carbon deposits. One of the significant issues of buying the generator, the user has a straight plug to connect it with other electrical devices or appliances to the larger two outlets.


  1. FIRMAN H03652:

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It is the smaller version in the Firman family, but it has key features that users or buyers will find impressive. Although it has a low power outage, it produces a surge power of 4550W and continuous power of 3650W running on gasoline. When the output is low, it can run for complete straight 14 hours without any interruption. Another thing user is going to enjoy is the fuel gauge for checking the fuel level.

It weighs 112 pounds, and this makes it hard for users to roll it to another place. There is a wheel underneath it for extended movement. Besides this, there is no direct current for those who want to charge their batteries, and it is one of the disadvantages of buying the generator. It has a continuous power of 3300W and 4100W of surge power running on propane. If the 20-pound tank is filled with propane, it could last up to 15 hours.

  1. A-iPower SUA12000ED:

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Everyone wants to buy a propane generator, but finding one that has lightweight is becoming a cumbersome task for them. If you plan to buy one for outdoor events, then this shouldn’t be in your budget. It has large tires to allow it to move on rugged terrains. If the tire gets deflated, then it will be hard to move the propane generator.

The flip-up handle has a solid grip for users when they are lifting their generators. Some people still hold flip-up handle for mobility functions, especially uploading them into vehicles. No matter the type of weather conditions, the generator will still function well for the user. Different outlets on the machine enable the user to other power gadgets.

The type of fuel or oil inside the generator has nothing to do with the generator’s performance because it will produce lots of power outages. It comes with a push-button start and motor start for users to have two methods of switching the generator on.

The important thing that you sho have at the back of your mind is the battery about using the pull cord in starting the generator. Another feature is the digital output gauge to enable the detection of fuel inside the tank. You can use the propane generator when you live in a residential area due to the loud noise it produces when it is switched on.

Even for camping purposes, it is not advisable to use the A-iPower propane generator because it doesn’t produce clean air to the environment. You don’t need to use the generator, there are others you can buy, and you will enjoy maximum satisfaction.


Propane generators are one of the best generators you can invest your money in. There are different types in the market with diverse functions and specifications too. You need to know the features of anyone you will be buying before you money to avoid unnecessary future expenses that will warrant you touching money from your savings.