What is an SEO service?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website, by getting more people to see the site on the first page of Google searches.  This process only counts the amount of traffic from unpaid ads, also known as organic or natural results. This optimization can be done by using different keywords, editing certain parts of the content, adding content, and using more inbound links.


Marketing Strategy

This marketing strategy considers how search engines work, and how to work around the computer programmed algorithms that dictate search engine behavior. This looks at what people search for, the actual words or terms, referred to as keywords, and which search engines are preferred by their certain audience. Mobile search has overtaken desktop search, which also plays a role in SEO tactics.

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When did SEO started?

SEO in New-York has been around since the internet began, since all search engines, such as Google or Bing, have always had results in a certain order. Websites that hit more of the keywords searched, the higher to the top the results are, thus garnering more clicks. Academic research states that less than 95% of people go past the first page of results on Google. If your webpage is not on that page, you will not be seen.


Why SEO services?

SEO in New-York is when a business hires a company to provide SEO services for them. This outside SEO company will take your business website and change, edit, or remove content, make use of keywords, and inbound links to boost your website to the top. This way, you get more and more traffic to your website. Keywords are very important to any SEO, so these will be found out first. Examples of keywords are “SEO New-York”, “SEO Company New-York”, and “SEO Services New-York”. These keywords are found and developed for your personal brand. Sometimes they are single words, sometimes they are phrases.


SEO for social media?

As well as a website, social media can have an SEO makeover too. Social Medias have their own separate algorithms to contend with, mostly employing the use of hashtags. The links that you share on Twitter or Facebook don’t help you rank better on Google, but it does help bring more traffic to your website. The large majority of people nowadays have some kind of social media, and people like to see a social media presence before making business decisions.  However, there are thousands of social media pages, how do you make yours stand out? This is where social media SEO can come in handy, giving you the tools and tricks to boost your profile to the top.

Our work at Cansoft

In conclusion, SEO in New-York is a very important part of any business’ marketing budget. It might seem like an expensive choice, but it will really help your business gain the traction and customers it needs to grow. If you have any questions regarding SEO don’t hesitate to contact us.