Do you know if you buy the best wireless charger, you don’t have to bother yourself about finding a USB-C cable or lightning cable? The charging of your phone can be done by placing it on a wireless stand or charging mat from there it will start charging. When it has to do with buying the best wireless charger for fast charging Samsung and iPhone, they come in various specifications. Although, other wireless chargers are superb in supplying power to a single phone. On the other hand, some wireless chargers can charge more than three gadgets simultaneously such as AirPods, phones, and Apple Watch.

Based on different research that has been carried out has enabled the discovery of Qi wireless chargers that can charge multiple devices at the same time. For some people, the Belkin boost up happens to be the best wireless charger for them, but the truth about the matter everyone has their favorite when it comes to charging their devices. For instance, the Belkin boost up wireless charger has 10W, and allow users to rest their Android devices in either landscape or portrait. The wireless charger can be used in charging both Samsung and iPhones.

The wireless charger is a more preferable gadget for charging phones because there is no need to connect phones to the charger. Although they are slower in charging phones compared to the wired chargers, users can make use of their phones while charging it. Some of these wireless chargers come with a wall charger and cable. The truth is charging one’s phone is like a day-to-day routine for nearly everyone just like the way we take our meals to keep the body system alive. Therefore, charging of phones is necessary to keep the phone up and running.

There are times people using wire chargers find it difficult in plugging their phones, especially when it is dark. This kind of situation can’t occur when you are making use of wireless chargers, because there is a simple way of plugging phones in the dark by placing it on top of the phone. This shows you don’t have to touch the cable before you have to charge your phone. During the early invention of the wireless chargers, it was known for its slow speed and charging. The present wireless charger has been designed with multiple coils to charge phones with fast speed.

What are the Features to help you Buy Wireless Chargers?

1.     The Shape and Size of the Charger:

This is one of the features to help you buy a genuine wireless charger. For any of the chargers you are going to buy, they come with their different pros and cons. This implies some of them are going to function well, while some will not, and this lies in the circumstances surrounding the charging. Here, there are various categories of wireless chargers available -stands, mats, and pucks.

  • Stands:

The charging stand has its advantage because users can place their phones in an upright position while charging their phones. Therefore, it allows users to see notifications and messages while charging their phones. There are other numerous stand charger options that can be found in the market. For instance, users can buy the one that can allow them to place the phones in either landscape or portrait mode. You might be lucky to obtain the ones that will permit placing the phone to multiple angles. It should be noted that best stand chargers can allow users to detach the charging puck, and place anyhow you want it.

  • Mats:

The mats have some similarities to pucks because they can lie flat too, and the phone can be placed on it. The only difference is mats are not as strong as pucks, and this has been confirmed in their surface areas. The surface area in the mat is relatively large compared to puck, and this allows multiple devices to be charged on pucks. Mats also have some drawbacks, because the user has to lie his or her phone(s) on it for it to charge.

  • Pucks:

It is part of the common ones we have in these categories of wireless chargers. It is being called pucks based on the fact it looks like a flat puck that is being used in ice hockey that is used by players to get the ball into the net. It takes the shape of a saucer that allows users to place their phones and other tech gadgets. It can be placed on any surfaces such as a table, desk, chairs, shelf, and many others.

The appearance of wireless chargers that come in the puck-shaped, looks stylish and sleek. Users will find it hard to see incoming notifications or messages while the phone is charging. The smaller surface area found on pucks is a problem for users who might be looking for the sweet spot to get the right connection between their phones and the wireless charger. You need to be extra careful when placing the phone on the wireless charger if you want to find the right spot to charge the phone.

2.     Charging Speed:

This is one of the features that are necessary for buyers to pay rapt attention. For anyone who wants to buy these chargers must check the charging speed. It is unequivocally clear that wired chargers are known for its charging speed. The maximum charging speed of wireless charger is 5-Watts, and this is enough for people who prefer charging their devices throughout the night. It might seem enough for charging phones, still, it can’t be compared like the wired charger. There are various things to interfere with the charging speed of wireless chargers such as phone calls, incoming messages and notification.

3.     Suitability and Portability:

Wireless chargers can be used in cars, especially when the user will go for a long-distance trip. The present modern cars provide wireless charging for users. This allows drivers to make calls while driving their cars. For people who enjoy streaming music or use a map to gain access to the location can make use of it. The wireless charger comes with clips to allow users to place it in a way to maintain the same eye level as the driver.

4.     Manufacturer:

This is one of the things that bothers a lot of persons who want a wireless charger for their Samsung and iPhones asking the question either they have to buy a charger that is being produced by the same company of their phones. Most smartphone manufacturers who produce phones are not into the production of a wireless charger, and this has affected the speed of charging tech gadgets. Therefore, the issue has been resolved by bringing out a charging standard that will enable the phones to charge on time, and this is regarded as the Qi standard.

5.     Phone Safety Features:

This is important for the wireless chargers to have to protect the phone from emergencies such as over-current or over-voltage, and this occurs due to power surges. On the other hand, it should guide your phone from overcharging and overheating. These are major problems that are likely to encounter in charging Samsung or iPhones.

6.     Case Friendliness:

One of the characteristics of a good wireless charger is the ability to charge phones even when a case is used in protecting the wireless charger, and the thickness of the best casing is 5mm thick. The average thickness of a case is about 2mm. People have different choices on the type of casing they want for their wireless charger. The best option is to get an average thickness that will allow the charger to charge your phone.

Best Wireless Charger for Fast Charging Samsung and iPhone

1.     RAV Power Wireless Charger:

The major thing they have got a lot of buyers going for this RAV Power wireless charger is built on a sleek design that allows it to be taken from one place to the other. Long-distance travelers carry it to different places they want are going to power their phones. It makes use of the normal charging standard (Qi-charging standard), and it can charge different phones such as Galaxy S8, S7, S7+, and other iPhones.

Despite the sleek appearance, it is not the fastest wireless charger you will find in the market. Furthermore, other wireless chargers can charge the phone at a charging rate of 15-watts, then the lower class ones can charge phones at speed of 3.5-watts. This wireless charger can function with other iPhones like X, 8, and 8+ at a speed of 7.5-watts.


2.     Choetech Wireless Charger:

The manufacturer of the product has the intention of making a universal wireless charger that can perform any function, and they have been able to achieve it. It has been designed following the Qi fast wireless charging standard. It allows users to use their phones while charging it. The phone can be placed on either portrait or landscape mode.

There is the presence of LED strip found at the lower part of the charger that shows the present mode of the phone. If it shows a blue colour, it implies the charger is in standby mode. In a scenario where there is a green colour, it implies the phone is charging. It can charge different phones like Samsung and iPhones, and the charging rate is 10-watts.

3.     Seneo Wireless Charger:


This is one of the leading brands when it has to do with wireless chargers, and they have over 2 million buyers globally. Based on the long credibility they have been able to build, it has led to many reviews from their buyers. It has a sleek design that makes the appearance cool to the eyes. The coils of the gadget have been arranged according to the numerous sizes of the stand. The LED light plays a major role in allowing the user to know either the phone is charging or not, and it comes in two modes – 5- & 10-watts.


4.     Pleson Wireless Charger:


Due to several recommendations that are going on for the Pleson wireless charger, some persons are trying to make sure they buy it to test its efficiency. It has different specifications and it is also affordable at the same time. The major difference between Pleson wireless charger and other types of wireless chargers lies on the charging rate.

The charging rate for this charger is 13.5-watts, and this makes it 1.4 times faster compared to others in the market. For people who love spending time on social media are going to enjoy the charging speed. Although it is a puck, it doesn’t affect the rate of phone charging.


Wireless charger for fast charging Samsung and iPhones are available in different categories like mats, stands, and pucks. The different categories available have their advantages and disadvantages, it is left for you to choose the best to offer you the charging speed you want.